10 examples of common nouns in English with PDF

10 examples of common noun. Here common noun is defined with most common examples. You can use these examples in your conversation and other daily writings. In fact there is a vast use of common noun in our daily life. Almost in our 99 percent sentences of our daily routine we use some kind of common nouns.

Common noun

What is common Noun?

The name of a person place or a thing is known as the common noun. E.g father, daughter, dog, goat, girl, hotel, room, house, player and pen etc.

10 examples of common nouns

  1. Chair
  2. Pencil
  3. Class
  4. Book
  5. Door
  6. Food
  7. Jug
  8. Father
  9. Friend
  10. Businessman

what is common noun with examples

Examples of Common nouns in sentences

  1. Chair

The girl was sitting on the chair.

  1. Pencil

I have only one pencil, I will not give it to you.

  1. Class

The child was weeping in the class.

  1. Book

This is my favorite book.

  1. Door

He was at the door when I called him.

  1. Food

He don’t deserve this expensive food.

  1. Jug

The jug was filled with cold water.

  1. Father

Her father is very strict to him.

  1. Friend

Adam is my friend but he lives far away.

  1. Businessman

He want to be a businessman, but he have no skill.

examples of common noun in sentences in english

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