Top 30 Words Related to Weaving

Weaving is an ancient craft that involves intertwining threads or fibers to create fabric, baskets, or other objects. Whether you’re interested in textiles, fashion, or even cultural heritage, understanding the terms associated with weaving can deepen your appreciation for this time-honored skill.

Words Related to Weaving

Here are the top 30 terms related to weaving with meanings:

  1. Loom: A machine for weaving threads into fabric.
  2. Warp: Vertical threads held in tension on a loom.
  3. Weft: Horizontal threads woven through the warp.
  4. Bobbin: A spool that holds thread or yarn.
  5. Shuttle: Tool used to carry the weft thread through the warp.
  6. Textile: Material made by weaving, knitting, or felting fibers.
  7. Tapestry: A fabric with intricate designs, usually woven by hand.
  8. Heddle: Device used to separate warp threads for weaving.
  9. Pattern: Design formed by the arrangement of threads.
  10. Fiber: Thin strand of material used as the basis for textiles.
  11. Spindle: Rod for twisting fibers into yarn.
  12. Twine: Strong thread made of two or more strands twisted.
  13. Basketry: The art of making baskets by weaving fibers.
  14. Crochet: Needlework technique of creating fabric with a hook.
  15. Embroidery: The art of decorating fabric with thread or yarn.
  16. Thread: Fine cord of natural or synthetic fibers.
  17. Needle: Tool used for threading or weaving.
  18. Skein: A loosely coiled length of yarn or thread.
  19. Knitting: The craft of making fabric by interlocking loops of yarn.
  20. Dye: Substance used to color threads or finished products.
  21. Texture: The feel and appearance of woven material.
  22. Fringe: Decorative border of hanging threads or tassels.
  23. Selvage: The edge of fabric that prevents it from unraveling.
  24. Purl: A basic knitting stitch.
  25. Yarn: Thick thread made of multiple fibers for knitting or weaving.
  26. Quilting: Sewing two layers of fabric with padding in between.
  27. Spool: Cylinder on which thread or yarn is wound.
  28. Thimble: Protective shield worn on the finger while sewing.
  29. Interlace: To cross one or more items over and under each other.
  30. Stitch: A loop of thread resulting from a single pass of the needle.

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