Wind Past Tense, V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 Forms of Wind, Past Simple and Past Participle

Wind Past Tense, V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 Forms of Wind, Past Simple and Past Participle

Verb: wind

Meaning: to turn a handle or other part so as to open something such as a door or window.

Wind, V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 Forms

V1 V2 V3 V4 V5
Wind Wound Wound Winding Winds

Synonyms for wind:

  • zephyr
  • hurricane
  • gale
  • draught
  • current of air
  • breeze
  • blow
  • air current

Wind In Examples Sentences:

  • Wind the car window down.
  • You have to wind the handle here to open the door of this safe.
  • They had begun their journey before dawn and wind through traffic.
  • He wound down the car window.

The verb is a word that describes a state, action, or the occurrence (ex: make, jump, eat, etc.). There are five forms of verbs in English. It is very important to study different forms of verbs. In this lesson, we can read 5 verb forms, examples, and synonyms of the given verb.

Here V1 is the base form, V2 is the past simple, V3 is the past participle, V4 is the ‘s/es/ies’ form, and V5 is the ‘ing’ form of the verb.

V1 V2 V3 V4-Ing Form V5-s/es/ies
accompany accompanied accompanied accompanying accompanies
accept accepted accepted accepting accepts
absorb absorbed absorbed absorbing absorbs
abide abode abode abiding abides
abate abated abated abating abates
abash abashed abashed abashing abashes
bring brought brought bringing brings
begin began begun beginning begins


cry cried cried crying Cries
convince convinced convinced convincing convinces
carry carried carried carrying carries
canvass canvassed canvassed canvassing canvasses
try tried tried trying tries
surge surged surged surging surges
sight sighted sighted sighting sights
say said said saying says
punish punished punished punishing punishes
omit omitted omitted omitting omits
lick licked licked licking licks
translate translated translated translating translates


study studied studied studying Studies
shine shone shone shining shines
retain retained retained retaining retains
present presented presented presenting presents
need needed needed needing needs
frighten frightened frightened frightening frightens
touch touched touched touching touches
stress stressed stressed stressing stresses
shed shed shed shedding sheds


rest rested rested resting Rests
point pointed pointed pointing points
mix mixed mixed mixing mixes
frame framed framed framing frames
throw threw thrown throwing throws
stand stood stood standing stands
set set set setting sets
recognize recognized recognized recognizing recognizes
permit permitted permitted permitting permits
miss missed missed missing misses
extend extended extended extending extends
tire tired tired tiring tires
stop stopped stopped stopping stops
shave shove shaven shaving shaves
remain remained remained remaining remains


place placed placed placing Places
misuse misused misused misusing misuses
fly flew flown flying flies
warn warned warned warning warns
terminate terminated terminated terminating terminates
solve solved solved solving solves
see saw seen seeing sees
recite recited recited reciting recites
pay paid paid paying pays
melt melted melted melting melts
dive dived dived diving dives
value valued valued valuing values
taste tasted tasted tasting tastes
smile smiled smiled smiling smiles


search searched searched searching Searches
recast recast recast recasting recasts
own owned owned owning owns
march marched marched marching marches
decorate decorated decorated decorating decorates
type typed typed typing types
talk talked talked talking talks
scam scammed scammed scamming scams
sink sank sunk sinking sinks
rain rained rained raining rains
open opened opened opening opens
maintain maintained maintained maintaining maintains
decay decayed decayed decaying decays
trust trusted trusted trusting trusts
subscribe subscribed subscribed subscribing subscribes
shorten shortened shortened shortening shortens
roll rolled rolled rolling rolls
prove proved proved proving proves
note noted noted noting notes
hear heard heard hearing hears