What Does Top Mean In Rap? (Origin & Usage)

The lexicon of rap is ever-evolving, continually enriched by unique and expressive slang terms. “Top” is one such term that resonates within the rap community. This blog post explores the meaning of “Top,” its origins, and the context in which it is used in rap music.

Top Mean In Rap

In rap music, Top often refers to being at the highest level or position, either in terms of success, skill, or respect. It can also imply dominance or superiority in a particular aspect or field.

Origin of Top

The term “Top” in rap draws from the general English usage of being at the highest point or peak. It seamlessly integrates into rap’s thematic focus on success, struggle, and dominance, symbolizing reaching the pinnacle in one’s career or artistry.

Example Sentences Using Top

  1. He’s aiming to be the Top in the game.
  2. Her skills put her at the Top of the list.
  3. Only a few rappers reach the Top and stay there.
  4. That album will take him straight to the Top.
  5. In this crew, I’m the Top, no question.
  6. She’s the Top in style and flow, no doubt.
  7. To be at the Top, you gotta outwork everyone.
  8. His goal? To hit the Top of the charts.
  9. They know I’m the Top in this street.
  10. He’s not just good, he’s the Top of the era.

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