What Does Skirt Mean In Rap? (Origin & Usage)

Rap music often incorporates unique slang that evolves with the culture, influencing the language of its listeners. A term that has seen a surge in popularity within the rap genre is “Skirt.” This blog post explores the meaning, origin, and use of “Skirt” in the rap lexicon.

Skirt Mean In Rap

In rap, Skirt often refers to the act of leaving quickly or evading a situation. It’s akin to the sound of a car’s tires screeching as it speeds away, used metaphorically to describe quick departures or avoiding confrontations.

Origin of Skirt

The term “Skirt” in rap has its roots in street slang, where it started as a descriptive term for the sound of a car skidding or speeding off. It was adopted into rap lyrics to illustrate a swift exit, often from a potentially dangerous or unwanted situation.

Example Sentences Using Skirt

  1. When trouble brews, it’s time to Skirt out.
  2. He saw the feds and decided to Skirt.
  3. They talk big, but they’ll Skirt when it’s real.
  4. I don’t linger; I hit the spot and Skirt.
  5. If it feels off, don’t hesitate to Skirt.
  6. Saw my ex at the party and had to Skirt.
  7. No time for drama, I just Skirt and go.
  8. When the cops show up, you know to Skirt.
  9. Quick on my feet, ready to Skirt at once.
  10. He’s all talk, watch him Skirt when confronted.

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