What Does Lick Mean In Rap? (Origin & Usage)

Exploring the evolving lexicon of rap, we encounter the term “Lick.” This blog post aims to shed light on its meaning, origin, and how it is used in the rap community, offering a glimpse into the genre’s rich and expressive language.

Lick Mean In Rap

In rap, Lick generally refers to a successful robbery or theft. It’s a term used to describe an easy opportunity to gain money or valuables, often with minimal effort or risk.

Origin of Lick

The term “Lick” has its roots in American street slang, and it found its way into rap lyrics to describe quick, opportunistic thefts or gains. Over time, it has become a common term in rap songs to illustrate hustling or making easy money.

Example Sentences Using Lick

  1. He hit a big Lick; now he’s laying low.
  2. Planning a Lick to boost our cash flow.
  3. That was an easy Lick, in and out fast.
  4. Heard he got caught on his last Lick.
  5. They’re always looking for a quick Lick.
  6. Celebrating tonight, just pulled off a Lick.
  7. I needed to lay low, the Lick was too hot.
  8. Rumors say he’s planning a major Lick.
  9. That Lick got them living large suddenly.
  10. Everyone wants in on the next big Lick.

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