20 Best Similes for Fat (With Meanings & Examples)

The word “fat” often carries more than just a physical description; it can encompass a range of meanings and emotions. In this exploration, we’ll delve into 20 similes that articulate different facets of “fat,” each offering a unique perspective and depth.

By examining these similes, we can gain a fuller understanding and appreciation of the varied contexts in which “fat” can be used, be it in literature, conversation, or personal reflection.

Similes for Fat

1. As Fat as a Thanksgiving Turkey

Meaning: Exceptionally plump and substantial

Example: The holiday feast was ready, with a main dish as fat as a Thanksgiving turkey, promising a hearty meal.

2. Fat like a Plush Pillow

Meaning: Soft and comforting

Example: The new sofa cushions were fat like a plush pillow, inviting a cozy afternoon nap.

3. As Fat as a Harvest Moon

Meaning: Large and impressively round

Example: The night sky was adorned with a moon as fat as a harvest moon, casting a soft glow.

4. Fat like a Stuffed Sack

Meaning: Overfilled and bulging

Example: The old backpack was fat like a stuffed sack, packed with essentials for the trip.

5. As Fat as a Well-Fed Cat

Meaning: Content and well-nourished

Example: The pet lounged in the sun, looking as fat as a well-fed cat, at peace with the world.

6. Fat like a Baker’s Dough

Meaning: Thick and malleable

Example: The bread dough was fat like a baker’s dough, ready to be shaped and baked.

7. As Fat as a Winter Coat

Meaning: Bulky and protective

Example: Wrapped in her fat like a winter coat, she braved the chilly winds without a shiver.

8. Fat like a King’s Feast

Meaning: Abundant and luxurious

Example: The dinner table was set, fat like a king’s feast, with dishes galore.

9. As Fat as a Packed Wallet

Meaning: Full and prosperous

Example: His pockets were heavy, as fat as a packed wallet, from his successful venture.

10. Fat like a Blooming Rose

Meaning: Lush and beautifully rounded

Example: The garden was alive with flowers, fat like a blooming rose, in full display.

11. As Fat as a Ripe Berry

Meaning: Juicy and bursting

Example: The summer fruits were as fat as a ripe berry, sweet and tempting.

12. Fat like a Cloud Before Rain

Meaning: Swollen and looming

Example: The sky was crowded with clouds, fat like a cloud before rain, promising a downpour.

13. As Fat as a Gentleman’s Cigar

Meaning: Thick and substantial

Example: The evening was accented with a scent, as fat as a gentleman’s cigar, rich and aromatic.

14. Fat like a Bundle of Wool

Meaning: Fluffy and voluminous

Example: The new yarn was fat like a bundle of wool, perfect for knitting a warm sweater.

15. As Fat as a Muffin Top

Meaning: Overflowing and noticeable

Example: The freshly baked goods were as fat as a muffin top, deliciously tempting.

16. Fat like a Baby’s Cheeks

Meaning: Chubby and adorable

Example: The toddler giggled, with cheeks fat like a baby’s cheeks, full of innocence.

17. As Fat as a Holiday Stocking

Meaning: Filled to the brim and festive

Example: The fireplace was adorned with stockings as fat as a holiday stocking, waiting for Christmas morning.

18. Fat like an Overripe Fruit

Meaning: Swollen and ready

Example: The orchard trees hung heavy, with fruit fat like an overripe fruit, ready for harvest.

19. As Fat as a Lazy River

Meaning: Wide and meandering

Example: The landscape was carved by a river as fat as a lazy river, flowing slowly through the valley.

20. Fat like a Velvet Cushion

Meaning: Luxurious and ample

Example: The antique chair was fitted with a seat fat like a velvet cushion, regal and comfortable.


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