20 Best Similes for Disgusting (With Meanings & Examples)

The term ‘disgusting’ conjures up images and sensations of revulsion and displeasure. It’s a strong word, used to express extreme distaste or repugnance. In this exploration, we delve into 20 similes that vividly encapsulate the essence of ‘disgusting’, each one painting a clear picture of this powerful emotion.

Similes for Disgusting

1. As Disgusting as Rotten Eggs

Meaning: Extremely unpleasant to the senses

Example: The odor in the room was as disgusting as rotten eggs, making it hard to breathe.

2. Disgusting like Slime on a Pond

Meaning: Visually and tactilely repulsive

Example: The texture of the food was disgusting like slime on a pond, slippery and unappealing.

3. As Disgusting as Moldy Bread

Meaning: Visibly unpalatable and unhealthy

Example: The old sandwich in the fridge looked as disgusting as moldy bread, covered in green and white spots.

4. Disgusting like a Garbage Dump

Meaning: Overwhelmingly repulsive

Example: The state of the abandoned house was disgusting like a garbage dump, filled with trash and decay.

5. As Disgusting as Sour Milk

Meaning: Unpleasant to taste and smell

Example: The taste left in his mouth was as disgusting as sour milk, turning his stomach.

6. Disgusting like a Sewer’s Stench

Meaning: Offensively smelly

Example: The alleyway smelt disgusting like a sewer’s stench, reeking of decay and filth.

7. As Disgusting as a Maggot-Infested Wound

Meaning: Visually nauseating and unhealthy

Example: The sight was as disgusting as a maggot-infested wound, enough to make one feel ill.

8. Disgusting like Spoiled Meat

Meaning: Disturbing to the senses

Example: The leftovers in the sun were disgusting like spoiled meat, attracting flies and emitting a foul odor.

9. As Disgusting as Vomit on Sidewalk

Meaning: Visually and olfactorily repulsive

Example: The mess outside the bar was as disgusting as vomit on sidewalk, a sickening sight and smell.

10. Disgusting like a Clogged Drain

Meaning: Repulsive and obstructive

Example: The condition of the bathroom was disgusting like a clogged drain, dirty and unhygienic.

11. As Disgusting as Rancid Butter

Meaning: Unpleasant to taste and smell

Example: The cooking oil smelt as disgusting as rancid butter, clearly past its prime.

12. Disgusting like a Decayed Tooth

Meaning: Visually and medically repugnant

Example: The old tree stump looked disgusting like a decayed tooth, rotten and hollow.

13. As Disgusting as Infested Food

Meaning: Gross and unhealthy

Example: The sight of the infested grain was as disgusting as infested food, crawling with bugs.

14. Disgusting like a Pile of Rot

Meaning: Decomposed and unpleasant

Example: The compost heap was disgusting like a pile of rot, a breeding ground for bacteria.

15. As Disgusting as Stagnant Water

Meaning: Unmoving and foul

Example: The puddle in the alley was as disgusting as stagnant water, murky and reeking.

16. Disgusting like a Dirty Restroom

Meaning: Unsanitary and unpleasant

Example: The public toilet was disgusting like a dirty restroom, neglected and filthy.

17. As Disgusting as Spoiled Vegetables

Meaning: Unfit for consumption

Example: The salad in the fridge turned as disgusting as spoiled vegetables, wilted and smelly.

18. Disgusting like Chewed-Up Gum

Meaning: Unpleasantly sticky and used

Example: The underside of the desk was disgusting like chewed-up gum, covered in old, sticky blobs.

19. As Disgusting as a Rotten Smell

Meaning: Overpoweringly bad odor

Example: The air in the old cellar was as disgusting as a rotten smell, musty and suffocating.

20. Disgusting like Spoiled Fish

Meaning: Highly offensive to the senses

Example: The market’s back alley was disgusting like spoiled fish.


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