20 Best Similes for Creepiness (With Meanings & Examples)

Creepiness often lurks in the shadows of language, waiting to be vividly described. In this exploration, we’ll employ similes to capture the essence of ‘creepy’ in 20 distinct and chilling ways. Each simile will be a stepping stone to understanding how to articulate that eerie feeling that sends shivers down the spine.

Similes for Creepiness

1. As Creepy as a Forgotten Doll

Meaning: Unsettling and eerily abandoned

Example: The attic corner was as creepy as a forgotten doll, eyes staring blankly into space.

2. Creepy like Whispers in the Dark

Meaning: Mysterious and fear-inducing

Example: The night was silent, save for sounds creepy like whispers in the dark.

3. As Creepy as a Moonless Night

Meaning: Dark and full of unknowns

Example: The forest path was as creepy as a moonless night, obscuring what lurked beyond.

4. Creepy like an Abandoned Asylum

Meaning: Haunting and desolate

Example: The old building stood, creepy like an abandoned asylum, windows like unseeing eyes.

5. As Creepy as Spiderwebs in the Face

Meaning: Unexpectedly chilling

Example: Walking through the cellar was as creepy as spiderwebs in the face, startling and unwelcome.

6. Creepy like a Shadow in the Mirror

Meaning: Disconcerting and unexplainable

Example: Her reflection seemed creepy like a shadow in the mirror, moving on its own.

7. As Creepy as a Silent Scream

Meaning: Terrifying and mute

Example: The painting’s expression was as creepy as a silent scream, evoking unspeakable horrors.

8. Creepy like an Old Clown Painting

Meaning: Unnervingly jovial

Example: The room’s decor was creepy like an old clown painting, smiles hiding malice.

9. As Creepy as a Creaking Floorboard

Meaning: Startling and suspenseful

Example: Each step in the house was as creepy as a creaking floorboard, announcing unseen presences.

10. Creepy like Fog Over a Graveyard

Meaning: Ominous and enveloping

Example: The mist was creepy like fog over a graveyard, shrouding the tombstones.

11. As Creepy as a Flickering Candle

Meaning: Unpredictably eerie

Example: The room’s light was as creepy as a flickering candle, casting dancing shadows.

12. Creepy like a Whispering Voice

Meaning: Softly menacing

Example: The wind sounded creepy like a whispering voice, murmuring secrets in the dark.

13. As Creepy as a Rusty Swing

Meaning: Nostalgically unsettling

Example: The playground was desolate, the swing as creepy as a rusty swing in the breeze.

14. Creepy like a Distant Howl

Meaning: Foreboding and wild

Example: The night was broken by sounds creepy like a distant howl, stirring primal fears.

15. As Creepy as an Unseen Stare

Meaning: Intensely unsettling

Example: The empty hallway felt as creepy as an unseen stare, watched by invisible eyes.

16. Creepy like a Chilling Touch

Meaning: Physically unsettling

Example: The sudden coldness was creepy like a chilling touch, leaving goosebumps.

17. As Creepy as a Broken Music Box

Meaning: Discordantly eerie

Example: The melody was as creepy as a broken music box, notes jarringly out of tune.

18. Creepy like a Lurking Shadow

Meaning: Menacingly present

Example: The corner of the room was creepy like a lurking shadow, dark and intimidating.

19. As Creepy as a Closed Door

Meaning: Concealing unknown horrors

Example: The abandoned house had rooms as creepy as a closed door, hiding untold secrets.

20. Creepy like a Silent Hallway

Meaning: Quietly menacing

Example: The corridor was creepy like a silent hallway, echoing with unspoken dread.


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