20 Best Similes for Big (With Meanings & Examples)

Exploring the concept of ‘big’ through similes brings a creative and expansive perspective. These comparisons help us visualize and understand the vastness and grandeur associated with something ‘big’.

Each simile is followed by its meaning and an illustrative example, providing a clearer insight into the concept of bigness.

Similes for Big

1. Big as an Elephant

Meaning: Extremely large and massive

Example: The new mall was as big as an elephant, dominating the city skyline.

2. Big like a Mountain

Meaning: Immensely large and towering

Example: His dreams were big like a mountain, lofty and majestic.

3. Big as an Ocean

Meaning: Boundless and vast

Example: Her heart was as big as an ocean, full of endless love.

4. Big like a Castle

Meaning: Impressively large and grand

Example: The ancient library was big like a castle, filled with countless books.

5. Big as a Sky

Meaning: Limitless and expansive

Example: His imagination was as big as a sky, without any boundaries.

6. Big like a Giant

Meaning: Enormously tall and powerful

Example: The basketball player was big like a giant, towering over his teammates.

7. Big as a Universe

Meaning: Incomprehensibly vast and endless

Example: The possibilities in her future were as big as a universe, infinite and unexplored.

8. Big like a Stadium

Meaning: Very large and accommodating

Example: The concert hall was big like a stadium, capable of hosting thousands.

9. Big as a Ship

Meaning: Large and imposing

Example: The new headquarters was as big as a ship, an imposing structure in the business park.

10. Big like a Mansion

Meaning: Large and luxurious

Example: Their new house was big like a mansion, complete with a swimming pool.

11. Big as a Galaxy

Meaning: Immeasurably vast and splendid

Example: Her ambition was as big as a galaxy, shining bright with potential.

12. Big like a Whale

Meaning: Extremely large and magnificent

Example: The sculpture in the park was big like a whale, attracting everyone’s attention.

13. Big as a Forest

Meaning: Wide and sprawling

Example: The new resort was as big as a forest, covering a vast area.

14. Big like a Cloud

Meaning: Large and ever-changing

Example: His plans were big like a cloud, constantly evolving and shifting.

15. Big as a Cathedral

Meaning: Grand and awe-inspiring

Example: The wedding venue was as big as a cathedral, with an impressive interior.

16. Big like a Sun

Meaning: Huge and radiant

Example: The celebrity’s fame was big like a sun, bright and far-reaching.

17. Big as a Continent

Meaning: Enormously vast and diverse

Example: The company’s market reach was as big as a continent, spanning numerous countries.

18. Big like a Tower

Meaning: Tall and impressive

Example: The new monument stood big like a tower, visible from miles away.

19. Big as a Highway

Meaning: Long and wide

Example: The project’s scope was as big as a highway, extensive, and far-reaching.

20. Big like a Balloon

Meaning: Expansive and swelling

Example: His enthusiasm was big like a balloon, growing with each success.


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