20 Best Similes for Appointed (With Meanings & Examples)

Exploring the nuances of being appointed through creative similes can offer a deeper understanding of this state. Appointed, often associated with responsibility and recognition, can be vibrantly described through these comparisons.

Here are 20 similes, each with an explanation and an example, that capture the essence of being appointed.

Similes for Appointed

1. Appointed as a King

Meaning: Given a position of great authority

Example: He was appointed as a king in the corporate world, leading with majesty.

2. Appointed like a Star in the Sky

Meaning: Chosen for a standout role

Example: She was appointed like a star in the sky, shining above her peers.

3. Appointed as a Captain of a Ship

Meaning: Entrusted with leadership and direction

Example: As project leader, he was appointed as a captain of a ship, steering the team’s course.

4. Appointed like an Artist to a Canvas

Meaning: Given the freedom to create

Example: In her new role, she was appointed like an artist to a canvas, crafting her vision.

5. Appointed as a Guardian

Meaning: Entrusted with protection and care

Example: He was appointed as a guardian of the company’s ethics and values.

6. Appointed like a Key to a Lock

Meaning: Chosen as the perfect fit

Example: She was appointed like a key to a lock, perfectly suited for the role.

7. Appointed as a Chef in a Kitchen

Meaning: Given control to create and manage

Example: He was appointed as a chef in a kitchen, orchestrating the team’s efforts.

8. Appointed like a Pilot in the Cockpit

Meaning: Placed in charge of navigating

Example: With the new project, she was appointed like a pilot in the cockpit, guiding it to success.

9. Appointed as a Judge in a Court

Meaning: Given the role of making important decisions

Example: In the committee, he was appointed as a judge in a court, deciding on key issues.

10. Appointed like a Maestro to an Orchestra

Meaning: Leading with skill and finesse

Example: She was appointed like a maestro to an orchestra, harmonizing the team’s talents.

11. Appointed as a General in an Army

Meaning: Entrusted with strategy and leadership

Example: He was appointed as a general in an army, strategizing for the company’s success.

12. Appointed like a Conductor to a Train

Meaning: Responsible for directing and managing

Example: In her new position, she was appointed like a conductor to a train, keeping everything on track.

13. Appointed as a Mentor to a Student

Meaning: Entrusted with guiding and teaching

Example: As a senior consultant, he was appointed as a mentor to a student, sharing his wisdom.

14. Appointed like an Anchor to a Ship

Meaning: Serving as a stable and central figure

Example: She was appointed like an anchor to a ship, stabilizing the team in turbulent times.

15. Appointed as a Captain to a Sports Team

Meaning: Chosen to lead and motivate

Example: He was appointed as a captain to a sports team, inspiring his teammates.

16. Appointed like a Lighthouse to Ships

Meaning: Guiding and providing direction

Example: In her role, she was appointed like a lighthouse to ships, guiding the company’s course.

17. Appointed as a Director of a Play

Meaning: Given control over the execution and vision

Example: He was appointed as a director of a play, shaping the project’s narrative.

18. Appointed like a Gardener to a Garden

Meaning: Entrusted with nurturing and growth

Example: She was appointed like a gardener to a garden, cultivating the team’s potential.

19. Appointed as a Coach to a Team

Meaning: Responsible for training and developing

Example: As a new manager, he was appointed as a coach to a team, developing their skills.

20. Appointed like a Sculptor to Marble

Meaning: Given the task of shaping and crafting

Example: In her leadership role, she was appointed like a sculptor to marble, molding the department’s future.


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