20 Best Similes for Agony (with Meanings and Examples)

Similes can profoundly illustrate the experience of agony, conveying its depth and intensity. By comparing agony to other well-understood experiences or phenomena, similes allow us to articulate this often indescribable feeling. Here are 20 similes that capture the essence of agony, each with a brief explanation and an example sentence.

Similes for Agony

1. Agony like a Burning Flame

Meaning: Intensely painful

Example: His regret was agony like a burning flame, scorching his conscience.

2. Agony as a Heavy Burden

Meaning: Overwhelmingly oppressive

Example: The loss felt like agony as a heavy burden, weighing down on her soul.

3. Agony like a Thorn

Meaning: Sharp and persistent pain

Example: His words left agony like a thorn in her heart.

4. Agony as a Stormy Sea

Meaning: Turbulent and unrelenting

Example: Her emotions were agony as a stormy sea, chaotic and uncontrollable.

5. Agony like a Chasm

Meaning: Deep and consuming

Example: The news created agony like a chasm within him, deep and gaping.

6. Agony as a Venomous Bite

Meaning: Acutely painful and spreading

Example: Betrayal felt like agony as a venomous bite, poisoning his trust.

7. Agony like a Heavy Chain

Meaning: Restrictive and burdensome

Example: The guilt was agony like a heavy chain, dragging him down.

8. Agony as a Raging Fire

Meaning: Intense and destructive

Example: Her grief was agony as a raging fire, consuming her from within.

9. Agony like a Barbed Wire

Meaning: Painful and binding

Example: The memories wrapped around him in agony like a barbed wire, sharp and confining.

10. Agony as a Dark Cloud

Meaning: Looming and oppressive

Example: The fear hung over him, agony as a dark cloud, shadowing his thoughts.

11. Agony like a Howling Wind

Meaning: Piercing and relentless

Example: Loneliness was agony like a howling wind, cold and unceasing.

12. Agony as a Crushing Stone

Meaning: Overpowering and immobilizing

Example: The responsibility felt like agony as a crushing stone, heavy and unmovable.

13. Agony like a Sharp Knife

Meaning: Acute and cutting

Example: Each word was agony like a sharp knife, slicing through her.

14. Agony as a Frozen Lake

Meaning: Cold and deep

Example: His absence left agony as a frozen lake in her heart, cold and vast.

15. Agony like a Roaring Thunder

Meaning: Overwhelming and startling

Example: The shock was agony like a roaring thunder, loud and jarring.

16. Agony as a Withering Plant

Meaning: Slow and debilitating

Example: His decline was agony as a withering plant, gradual and sorrowful.

17. Agony like a Scorching Sun

Meaning: Relentless and exhausting

Example: The wait was agony like a scorching sun, draining and endless.

18. Agony as a Tight Knot

Meaning: Constricting and complex

Example: His confusion created agony as a tight knot, tangled and suffocating.

19. Agony like a Fierce Storm

Meaning: Violent and uncontrolled

Example: Her inner turmoil was agony like a fierce storm, wild and unruly.

20. Agony as a Bleak Winter

Meaning: Cold and enduring

Example: The solitude was agony as a bleak winter, long and desolate.


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