Rest Verb Forms: Past Tense and Past Participle (V1 V2 V3)

Meaning: not move or work for a period in order to have time to recover your strength or energy.

Rest Verb Forms V1 V2 V3 V4 V5

Infinitive/Base Form (V1): Rest
Past Tense (V2): Rested
Past Participle Form (V3): Rested
Present Participle/Gerund (V4): Resting
3rd Person Singular (V5): Rests

Rest Past Tense:

Past Tense of Rest is Rested.

Example: Sarah rested peacefully.

Rest Past Participle:

Past Participle Form of Rest is Rested.

Example: Sarah has rested peacefully.

Rest Present Participle:

Present Participle Form of Rest is Resting.

Example: Sarah is resting peacefully.

Rest 3rd Person Singular:

3rd Person Singular of Rest is Rests.

Example: Sarah rests peacefully.

rest past tense

Rest Conjugation

Indefinite / Simple Present Tense

  • I rest peacefully.
  • We/You/They rest peacefully.
  • He/She/It/Adam rests peacefully.

Present Continuous Tense

  • I am resting peacefully.
  • We/You/They are resting peacefully.
  • He/She/It/Adam is resting peacefully.

Present Perfect Tense

  • I have rested peacefully.
  • We/You/They have rested peacefully.
  • He/She/It/Adam has rested peacefully.

Present Perfect Continuous Tense

  • I have been resting peacefully.
  • We/You/They have been resting peacefully.
  • He/She/It/Adam has been resting peacefully.

Indefinite / Simple Past Tense

  • I rested peacefully.
  • We/You/They rested peacefully.
  • He/She/It/Adam rested peacefully.

Past Continuous Tense

  • I was resting peacefully.
  • We/You/They were resting peacefully.
  • He/She/It/Adam was resting peacefully.

Past Perfect Tense

  • I had rested peacefully.
  • We/You/They had rested peacefully.
  • He/She/It/Adam had rested peacefully.

Past Perfect Continuous Tense

  • I had been resting peacefully.
  • We/You/They had been resting peacefully.
  • He/She/It/Adam had been resting peacefully.

Indefinite / Simple Future Tense

  • I will rest peacefully.
  • We/You/They will rest peacefully.
  • He/She/It/Adam will rest peacefully.

Future Continuous Tense

  • I will be resting peacefully.
  • We/You/They will be resting peacefully.
  • He/She/It/Adam will be resting peacefully.

Future Perfect Tense

  • I will have rested peacefully.
  • We/You/They will have rested peacefully.
  • He/She/It/Adam will have rested peacefully.

Future Perfect Continuous Tense

  • I will have been resting peacefully.
  • We/You/They will have been resting peacefully.
  • He/She/It/Adam will have been resting peacefully.

Past Tense of Rest Phrasal Verbs

Rest Phrasal Verbs Past Tense
Rest on Rested on
Rest with Rested with
Rest up Rested up
Rest in Rested in
Rest away Rested away
Rest over Rested over
Rest through Rested through
Rest back Rested back
Rest down Rested down
Rest aside Rested aside


What is the Future Tense of Rest?

Future Tense of rest is “will rest”.

What is the Present Tense of Rest?

Present Tense of rest is “rest + s/es or ing”.

I/we/you/they rest
He/she/it/singular name rests
Present participle resting

What is the Past Perfect Tense of Rest?

Past perfect tense of take is “had rested”.

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