Punctuation Marks | Use of comma, apostrophe, colon and semi colon

Punctuation marks pdf! Use of Apostrophe Comma, colon, semicolon, are the signs known as Punctuation Marks. They are very helpful in understanding the meaning of a sentence, or they make the paragraphs meaningful. They make our sentences shorter and more clear by using fewer words.

What is a Punctuation Mark?

punctuation marks

1. Comma (,)

There are different uses of the comma

  • It is used to separate independent clauses.
  • We use a comma after the introductory phrase or clause.
  • To separate the list of different items we use it.

For example

    1. You want a pen, pencil, and paper.
    2. Tahir, Mahnoor, Aasha, and Sara all went together.
    3. I like Badminton, Hockey, action movies, Ludo, and playing cards.

A comma is also used when we write the name of a place in parts such as

  1. Lahore, Pakistan.
  2. Tulamba, Punjab, Pakistan.
  3. Jeddah, Saudia Arabia.

Comma also comes after “ yes or no” or before please and thanks.

  1. “Would you like apples?” Yes, Please.
  2. “Would you like tea?” No, thank you.
  3. “Could you pass me the jam?” Yes, Please.

We can also put a comma after and before the name of a person.

  1. Goodbye, Usama.
  2. Tahir, Please come here!

Punctuation marks use of comma

Colon (:)

  • Among the two clauses, we use a colon when the second clause is explaining the first one.
  • When we are writing a play script we use a colon. Such as

She has little money to spend: her salary is very low.

  • It is also used to separate the hours from minutes. Such as 12:22 Am
  • While writing things in the form of a list. Such as

This book contains Knowledge, Experience, inspiration, etc.

Punctuation marks use of colon

Semicolon (;)

  • The semicolon is used to separate those two independent clauses that are closely related to thoughts.
  • In lists, it is also used with comma. Such as

This shopping mall contains fruits and vegetables on the first floor; Garments on the 2nd floor; and cosmetics, jewelry, and tuck shop on the third floor.

Punctuation marks use of semi colon

Apostrophe (‘)

We use an apostrophe only for two purposes.

The first one is to show possession and the second to show the omission of numbers or letters such as

Nisha’s car is amazing.

Do not (Don’t).

Punctuation marks use of Apostrophe

Punctuation marks use of Apostrophe

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