5 Short Poems about Resources (Human & Natural Resources)

In a world ever-conscious of sustainability, resources be they natural, emotional, or intellectual are invaluable treasures we must nurture and respect. Below, we’ve curated a collection of 5 short poems that delve into the multifaceted world of resources, offering a poetic lens through which we can appreciate their imperishable worth.

Poems about Resources

1. The Tale of the Lonely Tree

This poem is about a tree, symbolizing natural resources, and its journey from loneliness to a state of depletion due to over-exploitation.

The Tale of the Lonely Tree

In a forest vast and free,

Stood a tree in pure decree.

Lonely, yes, but full of grace,

Roots embedded in Earth’s embrace.


Men arrived with axes keen,

Lust for wood was quite obscene.

Chopped and hacked, they took away,

The tree’s grandeur, in disarray.


Now a stump, it sighs in woe,

Once a king, but now laid low.

The tale of a tree, told to you,

A lesson in what greed can do.

Poems for Resources

2. Liquid Gold

This poem speaks about water as a crucial life-sustaining resource, discussing its scarcity and the need for conservation.

Clear and bright, a stream does flow,

Quenching thirst of all we know.

But careless hands and endless waste,

Turn this nectar bitter in haste.


Barrels and jugs in hoards are filled,

Yet fountains and rivers are stilled.

The liquid gold we need so dear,

Becomes a thing we start to fear.


So let’s be wise and make it last,

Learn from mistakes in our past.

Water’s more than what meets the eye,

A treasure we can’t afford to let dry.

3. A Harvest’s Plead

This poem focuses on soil as a resource, exploring how poor agricultural practices can degrade it over time.

Beneath the sun and sky so grand,

Fertile soil makes up the land.

Crops are sown with hope and cheer,

Yet ignorance brings forth a tear.


Tilling hard, we don’t perceive,

The wounds we make, that won’t retrieve.

Chemicals we use, no heed,

Leaving soil in dire need.


Hear the plead, oh farmer wise,

Don’t let the soil’s goodness die.

A healthy earth brings wealth untold,

A resource more precious than gold.

4. Breath of Life

The poem discusses air as a life-giving resource, and how pollution threatens its purity.

Air so pure, we breathe each day,

Life’s rhythm in a subtle play.

Yet factories blow their smoky breath,

Filling the skies with a scent of death.


We choke and cough in haze so thick,

Oblivious to the ticking clock’s tick.

Clean air’s gift, we seem to snub,

Drowning life in a toxic hub.


Take a stand and make a choice,

Let future lungs have a voice.

Breath of life, don’t let it cease,

Let purity and love increase.

5. Stones of Time

This poem delves into the topic of minerals and precious stones as resources, highlighting how their extraction impacts the Earth.

Deep in Earth, the gems do lie,

Sparkling under the stony sky.

Mined and cut to adorn our hand,

Treasures spread across the land.


Digging deep, we often forget,

The cost of our material mindset.

Stones of time, their lore so old,

Reduced to items bought and sold.


Let’s pause and think, for Earth’s sake,

What legacy will our actions make?

Stones are more than wealth’s display,

They’re Earth’s memoirs—don’t take that away.

Poems About Natural Resources

1. Ode to the Forest

In this poem, I celebrate the beauty and importance of forests as vital natural resources for our planet.

Amidst the towering trees so grand,

A vibrant tapestry of green,

The forest’s heart, a peaceful land,

Where nature’s wonders can be seen.


A chorus of birds fills the air,

Their melodies a soothing balm,

Life’s symphony beyond compare,

In this tranquil, ancient calm.


But heed the whispers of the leaves,

For forests fragile, in peril’s grip,

Let’s mend the bond that time achieves,

And safeguard nature’s fellowship.

2. Rivers of Life

This poem highlights the significance of rivers as essential natural resources that sustain life.

Rivers flow with stories untold,

Carving paths through earth’s embrace,

A lifeline for both young and old,

Nourishing lands in a rhythmic chase.


From mountain peaks to valleys low,

They dance and shimmer in the light,

A source of joy where’er they go,

Bringing growth to day and night.


Yet careless hands can taint their grace,

Polluting waters once pure and free,

Let’s mend our errors, quick to embrace,

The task to keep rivers thriving, you and me.

Poems About Human Resources

1. The Heart of HR

In this poem, HR is depicted as the compassionate core of an organization, fostering growth and unity.

Human Resources, caring hub so bright,

Nurturing talents, in day and night.

Linking hands, minds, for goals we share,

Unity’s embrace, beyond compare.


Listen they do, to each worker’s voice,

Choices fair, in labor’s rejoice.

Guiding the lost, with empathy’s grace,

In HR’s haven, we find our place.


Through policies, bonds gently mend,

Workplace family, HR’s extend.

Champions of growth, with hearts that mend,

Human Resources, our true friend.

2. The Dance of Forms

This poem explores the bureaucratic nature of HR processes, portraying them as a choreographed dance.

Forms in rows, they neatly align,

A dance of process, in endless line.

Names and dates, on paper they weave,

HR’s choreography, make-believe.


Vacations’ waltz, with signatures signed,

Payroll’s tango, numbers entwined.

Benefits’ rhythm, a careful glide,

In this HR waltz, rules to abide.


Amidst the steps, bureaucracy’s sway,

Employees wait, in patience they stay.

In this dance of forms, a complex trance,

HR’s symphony, a paperwork dance.

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