10+ Short Poems about Environmental Justice & Climate Change

Welcome to a poetic journey that merges the beauty of language with the urgency of environmental justice and climate change. In this collection, we’ve woven together ten impactful short poems that encapsulate the struggles, hopes, and awakening of our planet. Through verses, we aim to shed light on these pressing issues and inspire mindful action for a sustainable future.

Poems about Environmental Justice

Below are 10 short poems about environmental justice in English:

1. Mother Earth’s Cry

She whispers through the rustling leaves,

“Help me, help me, if you please.”

We cut her down and drill her core,

She can’t take this anymore.


Her rivers ache, her mountains weep,

Her secrets we no longer keep.

Her voice in winds, a muffled sigh,

She’s asking us, “Just tell me, why?”


Take a step, be fair, be just,

In Mother Earth, put all your trust.

She’s calling for environmental grace,

For the good of all, let’s save this place.

Poems for Environmental Justice

2. The Air We Breathe

Smoggy clouds and dirty air,

It’s so hard to breathe out there.

Factories puff, cars keep going,

Nobody cares where the wind’s blowing.


Kids in masks, it’s quite a sight,

Something here is just not right.

Bronze and gold turn murky gray,

What have we done to skies today?


But we can change, take up the quest,

For cleaner air, let’s do our best.

Let lungs breathe deep, let skies be clear,

For the sake of all we hold dear.

3. Waters’ Wisdom

River tells a tale of time,

Of beauty, wonder, in its prime.

But garbage flows in place of fish,

This isn’t nature’s granted wish.


Oceans gasp, their coral pale,

A gloomy, underwater tale.

Plastic chokes, toxins flee,

A deadly dance in once-free sea.


Justice comes when tides are clean,

When seas are blue, not murky green.

To save our waters, bold and grand,

Is to honor life, and take a stand.

4. Concrete Jungle’s Lament

Trees are gone, the land is bare,

Concrete jungles everywhere.

Critters flee, they lose their home,

In shrinking woods they aimlessly roam.


Skyscrapers tall, they touch the sky,

While underneath, the land does cry.

We claim we need more room to live,

But what about the life we give?


Let’s pause and think, before we act,

Consider nature, that’s a fact.

To live with Earth, not just on it,

That’s the key, let’s never quit.

5. Silent Spring Revisited

Birdsong fades in morning light,

Something here is not quite right.

Pesticides in every bloom,

Turn spring’s promise to a tomb.


Bees are gone, the flowers weep,

In poisoned soil, no seeds to keep.

We thought we fought a bug-filled war,

Yet, killed the life we should adore.


A call for justice, make amends,

Let’s turn this ’round, on us depends.

For every spring to sing again,

Respect all life, that’s where we begin.

6. Nature’s Cry

Nature’s cry, so loud and clear,

Echoes of a world held dear,

Injustice grows, the land it scars,

It’s time to heal, beneath the stars.


Mountains tall and rivers wide,

Once pristine, now cast aside,

By greed and carelessness, we fall,

But hear the plea, the earth’s own call.


For every creature, every tree,

Deserves a life of harmony,

Let’s stand as one, protect with might,

And mend the wrongs, bring back the light.

7. Whispers of the Wind

Whispers of the wind convey,

Tales of a world in disarray,

Ecosystems fragile, under strain,

It’s time to mend, to ease the pain.


Communities in shadows cast,

Bearing burdens of the past,

Unequal shares of nature’s grace,

Let’s work for justice, hand in embrace.


Clean air and water, rights for all,

No matter if you’re big or small,

Together we can strive and fight,

For environmental justice, shining bright.

8. Harmony’s Dance

In nature’s grand, intricate dance,

Lies a plea for equal chance,

For every being, every race,

To thrive in a balanced, sacred space.


Forests, oceans, lands so wide,

Injustice cuts like a tide,

But we can change the course of fate,

And mend the wounds, it’s not too late.


Hand in hand, united strong,

We’ll rewrite the world’s cruel wrong,

For environmental justice we’ll advance,

Together we’ll make harmony dance.

9. Ripples of Equity

Ripples of equity must expand,

Across every sea, every land,

Where pollution and harm have scarred,

We stand for justice, battle-hard.


From polluted skies to poisoned ground,

In every injustice, a solution found,

For the ones unheard, the voiceless too,

We’ll fight for change, for a world that’s true.


Let’s mend the circle, make it whole,

Heal the earth, console its soul,

With unity and love, hand in hand,

We’ll restore the balance, heal the land.

10. Resilient Earth

Resilient earth, once full of grace,

Now struggles in a crowded space,

But the fight for justice finds its way,

In every sunrise, in every ray.


No more division, no more divide,

It’s time for change to turn the tide,

In the name of justice, we will stand,

Protecting the earth, hand in hand.


For a world that’s green, for skies so blue,

We’ll work together, me and you,

Environmental justice, our guiding light,

Will lead us through the darkest night.

5 Poems About Climate Change

Below are 5 short poems about climate change in English:

1. Silent Cry of Earth

The Earth once green and full of life,

Now warms beneath a changing sky,

Ice melts away, seas start to rise,

Nature’s voice, a silent cry.


Forests burn and oceans weep,

As temperatures continue to climb,

Species vanish, their secrets keep,

A rhythm disrupted, a haunting chime.


Let’s mend the world, heal the land,

Protect the future, hand in hand,

Restore the balance, make amends,

For Earth, our home, on us depends.

2. Whispers of the Wind

Whispers of wind bear tales untold,

Of glaciers lost and deserts bold,

The planet’s story, ages unfold,

In every breeze, its truth is sold.


Polar realms with fading white,

Give way to darkness, day and night,

Human choices, a crucial fight,

To fix what’s wrong, make things right.


The wind still speaks, a plea to hear,

To mend the hurt, calm the fear,

Preserve the world we hold so dear,

In unity, let change appear.

3. Dance of Seasons

Once gentle seasons now entwined,

A tangled waltz, a changing mind,

Spring and fall, in memories bind,

As warming hands reshape their grind.


The dance disrupted, rhythms lost,

Polar caps bear the frosty cost,

Human actions have tempest tossed,

A fragile world, nearly exhaust.


Let’s mend the steps, restore the grace,

Embrace the challenge we must face,

In nature’s honor, find our place,

For future generations to embrace.

4. Echoes in the Waves

Beneath blue skies and oceans deep,

A hidden crisis begins to seep,

Coral reefs now silent weep,

As warming waters secrets keep.


Diverse life forms, both big and small,

In vibrant ecosystems once stood tall,

Now face extinction, a deadly call,

Unless we rise to break the fall.


With each wave’s crash, a plea resounds,

To heal the seas, their health rebounds,

In unity, solutions can be found,

A chance to mend what Earth propounds.

5. Sands of Time

Upon the sands of ancient Earth,

We leave our footprints, sign of birth,

Yet heedless steps have triggered dearth,

A changing climate, a world in dearth.


The hourglass of time runs thin,

As consequences echo within,

The chance to act, a race to win,

And mend the damage, let healing begin.


With mindful choices, let’s reclaim,

The harmony of nature’s aim,

In every heart, ignite the flame,

For Earth to thrive, forever the same.

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