20+ Short Poems about Angels

In the realm of poetry, angels have long captivated the imagination of writers, invoking a sense of ethereal beauty, protection, and spirituality. Join us on a celestial journey as we unveil a collection of 20 exquisite poems, each delicately crafted to explore the mystique of angels from various perspectives. From their divine presence to their symbolic significance, these verses offer a glimpse into the realm between earth and sky, where wings of words take flight.

Poems about Angels

1. Angel’s Whisper

In the night, so deep,

An angel comes, no peep.

Whispers love, so fine,

In dreams, she’s mine.


Feathers white, and pure,

Guidance sure, and sure.

In struggles, she’s near,

No more room for fear.


Wake up, she’s gone,

Yet her love lingers on.

In heart, and in mind,

A friend so hard to find.

2. Guarded Skies

Above, an angel flies,

Watching with keen eyes.

With wings so grand,

He guards our land.


In battles, unseen,

His sword so keen.

Fights demons away,

For peace, he’ll stay.


Yet when stars align,

He gives a secret sign.

In guarded skies, he soars,

His love forever pours.

3. Angel Tears

She cries from up high,

Tears fall from the sky.

Each droplet, a prayer,

For those in her care.


Rain taps the ground,

Her love knows no bound.

Flowers bloom, so sweet,

With her task complete.


The sun comes to play,

Chases clouds away.

Yet in each dew’s gleam,

Lives an angel’s dream.

4. Feather’s Touch

A feather light, and soft,

Falls from aloft.

An angel’s gentle touch,

Means so very much.


In sorrow or in glee,

Her sign, easy to see.

With grace, she floats,

In love, she devotes.


The feather may leave,

But don’t you grieve.

Her presence stays,

In mysterious ways.

5. Dawn’s First Light

Angel’s glow, first light,

Breaks the cloak of night.

In hues of dawn, she sings,

A new day, she brings.


Orange sky, her art,

Paints hope in each heart.

With each sun’s embrace,

She leaves her trace.


As day takes its place,

She hides her face.

But in every morning ray,

Her love’s here to stay.

6. Angel’s Grace

Golden light on wings so fair,

Angelic presence everywhere,

Guiding us with tender care,

Invisible embrace, love to share.


Through darkest night, they shine,

Hearts entwined, divine design,

A gentle touch, a soothing sign,

Angels’ grace, forever align.


Whispered dreams they softly send,

Lifting spirits, wounds they mend,

A guardian love that will not end,

Angels, our faithful, eternal friend.

7. Celestial Guardians

Celestial guardians, pure and bright,

Watching over day and night,

Guiding with a gentle light,

Keeping us safe, out of sight.


Feathers soft as morning dew,

In their presence, all feels true,

Healing whispers, like morning’s coo,

Angels’ love forever grew.


With every step, they walk beside,

In silence, our fears they hide,

Through life’s ebb and flowing tide,

Angels’ grace, forever glide.

8. Wings of Compassion

Wings of compassion, softly spread,

Lifting hearts when tears are shed,

Whispers of hope in moments dread,

Angels walk where we’ve tread.


Invisible hands that hold us near,

Banishing doubt, calming fear,

Guarding dreams, they’re always here,

Angels’ love forever sincere.


With every choice, they guide our way,

In the darkest hours, they’re our ray,

A presence felt, though skies be gray,

Angels, our companions, come what may.

9. Heavenly Embrace

Heavenly embrace, a tender kiss,

Angelic realm of eternal bliss,

In times of need, never amiss,

Guiding souls through the abyss.


Whispers of solace, gentle breeze,

Wiping away our pains with ease,

Invisible hands that kindly seize,

Angels’ touch, a moment to appease.


With every heartbeat, they’re near,

Wiping away every sorrowful tear,

In their presence, there’s naught to fear,

Angels, our guardians so dear.

10. Seraph’s Song

Seraph’s song, a melody so sweet,

Guiding us with harmonies replete,

In quiet moments, their voices greet,

Hearts uplifted, love’s rhythm to meet.


Feathers of hope softly cascade,

In the hush of night’s velvet shade,

Banishing darkness that once dismayed,

Angels’ light will never fade.


Through life’s journey, they’re the guide,

Walking with us, side by side,

In their care, we safely ride,

Angels’ grace, our constant tide.

11. Divine Whispers

Divine whispers, like a gentle stream,

Guiding us through each winding dream,

In the stars’ glow, their presence gleam,

An angelic chorus, an eternal team.


With every sunrise, they’re the dawn,

Guiding us when we feel withdrawn,

In moments of doubt, they’re the fawn,

Angels’ love forever drawn.


In the tapestry of life they weave,

A presence that helps us believe,

In their embrace, sorrows relieve,

Angels, in our hearts, eternally cleave.

12. Heavenly Guardians

Angels in the skies so bright,

Guiding us through day and night,

Whispering in gentle flight,

Aiding with love’s pure light.


Their presence, a calming embrace,

Sheltering us in life’s vast space,

Invisible hands that interlace,

Guidance in every trial we face.


Oh, celestial beings so near,

Banishing doubt and fear,

Invisible wings forever sincere,

Angels, our hearts hold you dear.

13. The Watchful Seraphs

Guardians from realms above,

Sent to us with care and love,

Watching from heavens high above,

Guiding with grace like a dove.


Emissaries of the divine,

In our hearts, your light does shine,

Guiding us through life’s design,

A presence forever intertwine.


With each step, your wings unfold,

A sheltering hand, in times untold,

In your presence, hearts are consoled,

Angels, your story forever told.

14. Whispers of Serenity

Angels’ whispers soft and clear,

Into our hearts, they draw near,

Guiding us through what we fear,

Their gentle presence, always here.


Eternal beings, beyond our sight,

Guiding with love’s pure light,

In the darkness, you ignite,

Faith and hope, burning bright.


Oh, celestial guides so true,

We feel your comfort, like morning dew,

With every challenge, you help us through,

Angels, forever we’ll believe in you.

15. Celestial Harmony

Spirits of light in realms unseen,

Guiding us with hearts serene,

Through the trials where we’ve been,

In your embrace, we are clean.


Whispers of wisdom in the wind,

Divine guidance from within,

Untangling the knots of sin,

In your grace, we begin.


Oh, angelic presence, pure and divine,

In our souls, your light does shine,

In every moment, your love aligns,

Guiding us to the sacred shrine.

16. Wings of Grace

Angelic wings, a sacred shroud,

Wrap us in love’s embrace, unbowed,

Guiding through the misty cloud,

In your presence, we are endowed.


Messengers of the realms above,

Bearing tidings of boundless love,

Guiding our spirits like a dove,

In your light, we rise above.


Oh, ethereal beings, in you we trust,

Through life’s storms, in you we adjust,

In your whispers, we find the just,

Angels, our souls you’ve forever touched.

17. Divine Whispers

Whispers from realms of light,

Guiding us through day and night,

In your presence, all is right,

Guidance pure, taking flight.


Eternal beings, clothed in grace,

Guiding us through time and space,

In our hearts, you find a place,

Unveiling mysteries we embrace.


Oh, messengers of the sacred word,

In your guidance, our spirits stirred,

In silence, your wisdom is heard,

Angels, in you, our faith is conferred.

18. Ascendant Blessings

Angelic presences, spirits so near,

Guiding us through hope and fear,

In your whispers, we revere,

Guidance cherished, crystal clear.


Emissaries of the divine plan,

Guiding each woman and man,

Through life’s maze, you hold our hand,

In your light, we understand.


Oh, celestial messengers, beyond the veil,

In our hearts, your presence sails,

With each challenge, your love prevails,

Angels, your guidance never fails.

19. Luminescent Guides

Beings of light in realms unseen,

Guiding us with hearts so keen,

Through life’s journey, vast and green,

In your guidance, we convene.


Messengers of the heavenly choir,

Guiding us with flames of fire,

In our hearts, you never tire,

Lifting our souls ever higher.


Oh, radiant beings, beyond our sight,

In our darkness, you ignite,

With your presence, all is light,

Angels, in you, we find our flight.

20. Angelic Chuckles

Angels with wings, a quirky sight,

Floating around in robes so white,

Guiding us with celestial might,

But do you ever need a flight?


Haloed guardians with a playful grin,

Watching over us through thick and thin,

Do you ever think it’s a funny spin,

To see us stumble and trip and spin?


In heavenly realms, so divine,

Do you ever chuckle at the wine,

We spill on carpets, a clumsy sign,

Or the way we dance, out of line?


Oh, angelic beings, so full of grace,

Do you laugh at the human race?

Your guidance we cherish, embrace,

But surely, our antics must bring a trace!

Angel Poems For Her

Below are 2 best angel poems for her:

1. Serenade of Grace

In her radiant glow, I find my light,

An angel’s presence, pure and bright.

Her smile, a gentle touch of grace,

Guiding me through life’s boundless space.


Eyes like stars, they twinkle and gleam,

In her embrace, all troubles seem to dream.

Her laughter, a melody that eases my soul,

With her, every moment feels whole.


An angel among us, a gift so rare,

Her kindness and love, beyond compare.

In her company, my heart takes flight,

Basking in her glow, my endless delight.

2. Whispers of Heaven

Whispers of heaven, in her voice I hear,

A guardian angel, always near.

Her words, like feathers, gently fall,

Guiding and comforting, through it all.


With every step, she walks beside,

In her presence, fears subside.

A seraphic being, sent from above,

Filling my world with endless love.


Her touch, a soothing balm for pain,

In her embrace, all worries wane.

With her, life’s journey feels so right,

A guardian’s whispers, my guiding light.

Poems About Angels Among Us

1. Angels in Human Guise

In daily life they tread so light,

With hearts that shimmer, pure and bright.

Kindness blooms in all they do,

Angels here, in our world’s view.


A gentle touch, a caring smile,

They walk with grace, mile by mile.

Lending ears to stories shared,

Angels’ love is always bared.


In simple deeds, compassion gleams,

Guiding us through hopeful dreams.

Best of us, these souls do shine,

Angels among us, divine.

2. Graceful Souls Among Us

Amid the chaos, they’re the calm,

Extending help with open palm.

Respect for all, their compass true,

In every act, kindness they strew.


Empathy flows from every glance,

A guiding light in life’s expanse.

Championing good, they stand tall,

Humble heroes for one and all.


In every corner, they reside,

Spreading love far and wide.

Best of humanity, they discuss,

Angels among us, a gift to us.

My Sweet Beautiful Angel Poem For Her

In dreams of grace, my love takes flight,

Your radiant smile, my guiding light.

A gentle touch, hearts intertwine,

Forever yours, forever mine.


Eyes that shimmer, like stars above,

In your embrace, I find true love.

Whispers of passion, soft and true,

My sweet angel, I cherish you.


Hand in hand, through life we’ll roam,

In every beat, you are my home.

In your love’s embrace, I am whole,

Forever bound, heart and soul.

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