Pig Latin Translator

Note: Toggle the button to change the translator’s direction.

Pig Latin Translator

Discover the playful twists of Pig Latin with our translator! Simply type English or Pig Latin phrases and watch as they’re instantly converted, bridging fun and language learning seamlessly.

How This Tool Works?

The Pig Latin Translator takes each word from your input and applies a set of rules to convert it into Pig Latin or back to English, depending on the selected mode.

For English to Pig Latin:

  • If a word starts with a vowel, “way” is added to the end.
  • If a word starts with a consonant or a consonant cluster, that letter or cluster is moved to the end of the word, and “ay” is appended.

Reverse Mode:

In reverse, the Pig Latin to English function detects suffix patterns to reconstruct the original English words. As you type, the translation updates automatically—no need for extra clicks.

Use the toggle button to switch between “English to Pig Latin” and “Pig Latin to English” to explore language in both directions.