Picnic Idioms (With Meaning and Examples)

Welcome to our fun guide! Today, we’re going to learn about picnic idioms. These are special phrases that people use in everyday English. They are like little secrets that make language fun!

Picnic Idioms

Here are 20 picnic idioms in English with meaning and example sentence for each.

No picnic

Meaning: Not easy or pleasant.

Example: Finishing the project on time was no picnic.

Picnic basket case

Meaning: Overly anxious about picnics.

Example: She’s a picnic basket case before every company event.

All the fixings

Meaning: All the extras or accompaniments.

Example: For our picnic, we had burgers with all the fixings.

Sandwiched in

Meaning: Placed tightly between two things.

Example: I was sandwiched in between two cousins at the picnic.

Spill the beans

Meaning: Reveal secret information.

Example: At the picnic, he accidentally spilled the beans about the surprise party.

Full plate

Meaning: Very busy.

Example: She has a full plate with the picnic preparations.

Bread and butter

Meaning: Main source of income; essentials.

Example: Catering picnics is our bread and butter.

Piece of cake

Meaning: Very easy.

Example: Organizing the picnic was a piece of cake.

In a pickle

Meaning: In a difficult situation.

Example: We were in a pickle when the rain started during our picnic.


Meaning: Silly or overly sentimental.

Example: Their picnic setup was a bit cheesy, but charming.

Cup of tea

Meaning: Something one likes or is good at.

Example: Planning picnics is definitely her cup of tea.

Bite off more than you can chew

Meaning: Take on a task that is too big.

Example: They bit off more than they could chew with such a large picnic.

Nutty as a fruitcake

Meaning: Very crazy.

Example: The idea to have a picnic in December was nutty as a fruitcake.

Sour grapes

Meaning: Pretending to dislike something you can’t have.

Example: He said picnics were boring, but it was just sour grapes because he wasn’t invited.

Lettuce celebrate

Meaning: A playful way to say let’s celebrate.

Example: Lettuce celebrate with a picnic this weekend!

Butter someone up

Meaning: Flatter someone to get something.

Example: He was buttering her up for an invite to the picnic.

Cool as a cucumber

Meaning: Very calm and composed.

Example: Even when the ants invaded, she remained cool as a cucumber.

The big cheese

Meaning: The most important person in a group.

Example: At the picnic, he acted like he was the big cheese.

Hard nut to crack

Meaning: Difficult to understand.

Example: The new picnic policy was a hard nut to crack.

Sweeten the deal

Meaning: Make an offer more attractive.

Example: To sweeten the deal, they added a free picnic basket.

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