Perish Verb Forms: Past Tense and Past Participle (V1 V2 V3)

Meaning: die (especially because you are in very bad conditions).

Perish Verb Forms V1 V2 V3 V4 V5

Infinitive/Base Form (V1): Perish
Past Tense (V2): Perished
Past Participle Form (V3): Perished
Present Participle/Gerund (V4): Perishing
3rd Person Singular (V5): Perishes

Perish Past Tense:

Past Tense of Perish is Perished.

Example: Sarah perished tragically.

Perish Past Participle:

Past Participle Form of Perish is Perished.

Example: Sarah has perished tragically.

Perish Present Participle:

Present Participle Form of Perish is Perishing.

Example: Sarah is perishing tragically.

Perish 3rd Person Singular:

3rd Person Singular of Perish is Perishes.

Example: Sarah perishes tragically.

perish past tense

Perish Conjugation

Indefinite / Simple Present Tense

  • I perish tragically.
  • We/You/They perish tragically.
  • He/She/It/Adam perishes tragically.

Present Continuous Tense

  • I am perishing tragically.
  • We/You/They are perishing tragically.
  • He/She/It/Adam is perishing tragically.

Present Perfect Tense

  • I have perished tragically.
  • We/You/They have perished tragically.
  • He/She/It/Adam has perished tragically.

Present Perfect Continuous Tense

  • I have been perishing tragically.
  • We/You/They have been perishing tragically.
  • He/She/It/Adam has been perishing tragically.

Indefinite / Simple Past Tense

  • I perished tragically.
  • We/You/They perished tragically.
  • He/She/It/Adam perished tragically.

Past Continuous Tense

  • I was perishing tragically.
  • We/You/They were perishing tragically.
  • He/She/It/Adam was perishing tragically.

Past Perfect Tense

  • I had perished tragically.
  • We/You/They had perished tragically.
  • He/She/It/Adam had perished tragically.

Past Perfect Continuous Tense

  • I had been perishing tragically.
  • We/You/They had been perishing tragically.
  • He/She/It/Adam had been perishing tragically.

Indefinite / Simple Future Tense

  • I will perish tragically.
  • We/You/They will perish tragically.
  • He/She/It/Adam will perish tragically.

Future Continuous Tense

  • I will be perishing tragically.
  • We/You/They will be perishing tragically.
  • He/She/It/Adam will be perishing tragically.

Future Perfect Tense

  • I will have perished tragically.
  • We/You/They will have perished tragically.
  • He/She/It/Adam will have perished tragically.

Future Perfect Continuous Tense

  • I will have been perishing tragically.
  • We/You/They will have been perishing tragically.
  • He/She/It/Adam will have been perishing tragically.

Past Tense of Perish Phrasal Verbs

Perish Phrasal Verbs Past Tense
Perish away Perished away
Perish off Perished off
Perish with Perished with
Perish in Perished in
Perish out Perished out
Perish up Perished up
Perish down Perished down
Perish from Perished from
Perish into Perished into
Perish under Perished under


What is the Future Tense of Perish?

Future Tense of perish is “will perish”.

What is the Present Tense of Perish?

Present Tense of perish is “perish + s/es or ing”.

I/we/you/they perish
He/she/it/singular name perishes
Present participle perishing

What is the Past Perfect Tense of Perish?

Past perfect tense of take is “had perished”.

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