Opposite of Life, Antonyms of Life (Example Sentences)

Type: Noun

Meaning/Definition of life: Noun referring to the existence of living organisms; the condition or quality of being alive.

What is the Opposite of life?

The Opposite of life is death.

Other Opposites of life:

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of life:

  • Annihilation
  • Dying
  • Eradication
  • Eternal rest
  • Fatality
  • Inanimacy
  • Obliteration
  • Oblivion
  • Passing
  • Passing away
  • Passing on
  • Passing over
  • Termination
  • The end
  • Loss of life
  • Mortality
  • Non-existence
  • Curtains
  • Death
  • Demise

Example Sentences Using Opposites of “life”:

  1. The news of his death shocked everyone.
  2. Rocks and stones are inanimate objects.
  3. A table is a nonliving entity.
  4. The species is now extinct, with no living members.
  5. Many cultures believe in an afterlife beyond death.
  6. The statue stood immobile in the center of the square.
  7. The abandoned building was lifeless and desolate.
  8. The mythical creature was nonexistent in reality.
  9. The lake was calm and inert without any signs of movement.
  10. During the winter, the plants remained dormant.

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