Opposite Of Bitter, Antonyms of Bitter (Example Sentences)

Type: Adjective

Meaning/Definition of bitter: Adjective describing something that has a harsh, unpleasant taste or is associated with feelings of resentment or hostility.

What is the Opposite of bitter?

The Opposite of bitter is sweet.

Other Opposites of bitter:

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of bitter:

  • beautiful
  • cute
  • delightful
  • easy
  • effortless
  • good
  • lovely
  • luscious
  • mellow
  • nice
  • pleasant
  • pretty
  • ready
  • simple
  • smooth
  • soft
  • straightforward
  • sweet

Example Sentences Using Opposites of “bitter”:

  1. The dessert tasted sweet and indulgent.
  2. The vacation was a pleasant experience for the family.
  3. The meal was delicious and satisfying.
  4. The coffee had a mild flavor that appealed to many.
  5. The dish had a savory taste that pleased everyone.
  6. The food was tasty and enjoyable.
  7. The flavor of the soup was palatable and well-balanced.
  8. The tea was agreeable to the palate.
  9. The chocolate cake was gratifying and decadent.
  10. The fruit salad was delightful and refreshing.

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