On Page Meaning Lookup Extension

Elevate your browsing experience by bringing dictionary definitions right to your fingertips!

Have you ever found yourself knee-deep in a captivating article, only to stumble upon a word you’re not familiar with? Instead of shifting tabs or reaching for your phone, the “On-Page Meaning Lookup Extension” is here to save the day. Integrated seamlessly with Chrome, this tool fetches definitions from DictionaryAPI.dev, ensuring you can maintain your reading flow without a hiccup.

How it Works:

  1. Highlight the word you’re curious about.
  2. Click on our extension icon.
  3. Voilà! The definition appears right on your screen.
On Page Meaning Lookup Extension


Key Features:

  • On-Screen Definition: Don’t break your reading flow. The definition pops up on your current tab so you can seamlessly continue your reading.
  • Simple to Use: Designed for minimal friction. No complicated setups, no unwanted distractions – just select and click.
  • Free to Use: We believe knowledge should be accessible to all. Our extension offers you a robust word lookup service, entirely free of charge.
  • Powered by DictionaryAPI.dev: Reliable and comprehensive, we fetch meanings from one of the most trusted online dictionary sources.
  • Lightweight and Fast: Our extension doesn’t slow down your browser. Get definitions in a snap!

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