Medical Abbreviations with G

Medical Abbreviations with G

medical abbreviations g

Think you have what it takes to be a doctor? How about all of the medical abbreviations and terminology, do you know what they mean? There are thousands of abbreviations used in the medical field and we will cover just a few with G. So let’s get started!

Medical Abbreviations – G

GMPguanosine monophosphate
GDSGeriatric Depression Scale
G-CSFgranulocyte colony-stimulating factor
GOMERget outta my emergency room
GOTglutamic-oxalacetic transaminase
GGTgamma glutamyl transferase
GIBgastrointestinal bleed
GISGastroIntestinal Surgeon
GCTgerm cell tumor
GAPSGuidelines for Adolescent Preventative Services
GABAgamma-aminobutyric acid
GPCLgas permeable contact lens
GPgeneral practitioner
GTNglyceryl trinitrate
GDMGestational Diabetes Mellitus
GISTgastrointestinal stromal tumor
GDLHglutamate dehydrogenase
GAVEGastric antral vascular ectasia
GPAgranulomatosis with polyangiitis
GODglucose oxidase
GIDgender identity disorder
GITSgastrointestinal therapeutic system
GDgender dysphoria
GDPguanosine diphosphate
GAgeneral anaesthesia
GHRFgrowth hormone releasing factor
GOATGalveston Orientation and Amnesia Test
GBCgallbladder carcinoma
GGTPgamma glutamyl transpeptidase
GSWgunshot wound
GERDgastroesophageal reflux disease
GCAgiant-cell arteritis
GUMgenitourinary medicine
GHgrowth hormone
GBSgroup B Strep.
GDMTGuideline Directed Medical Therapy
GITgastrointestinal tract
GPTglutamic-pyruvic transaminase
GTTglucose tolerance test gestational trophoblastic tumor
GXTgraded exercise test
GM-CSFgranulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor
GNRHgonadotropin-releasing hormone
GIAA model of surgical staple
GIFTgamete intrafallopian transfer
GBMglioblastoma multiforme
GRAV Igravidity = 1
GORDgastro-oesophageal reflux disease
GABHSgroup A beta-hemolytic streptococcus
GOKGod only knows
GFRglomerular filtration rate
GOCGoals of care
GCgeneral condition
GHRHgrowth hormone releasing hormone
GLFground level fall
GDAgastroduodenal artery
GADgeneralized anxiety disorder
GCSGlasgow Coma Scale
GvHDgraft-versus-host disease
GMCgeneral medical condition

g medical abbreviations