All 50 Leafy Vegetables Name (Green and Dark Greens)

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to leafy vegetables! Leafy greens are not only delicious and versatile, but they also pack a powerful nutritional punch. In this blog post, we will explore the world of leafy greens, highlighting 50 different varieties of green and dark greens. From familiar favorites like spinach and kale to lesser-known gems like tatsoi and amaranth, get ready to dive into the vibrant and nutritious world of leafy vegetables!

Leafy Vegetables Name List

  1. Sweet basil
  2. Watercress
  3. Celery
  4. Saluyot leaves
  5. Coriander
  6. Drumstick greens
  7. Cucumber
  8. Garden cress
  9. Chinese cabbage
  10. Purslane
  11. Broccoli
  12. Cabbage
  13. Snow peas
  14. Spring onion
  15. Leek
  16. Curry leaves
  17. Water spinach
  18. Spinach
  19. Romaine
  20. Asparagus
  21. Swiss chard
  22. Brussels sprouts
  23. Mint
  24. Rapini
  25. Arugula
  26. Green beans
  27. Sorrel
  28. Stinging nettle
  29. Mustard greens
  30. Iceberg
  31. Okra
  32. Amaranth leaves
  33. Fiddlehead greens
  34. Perilla
  35. Parsley
  36. Turnip greens
  37. Beet greens
  38. Artichoke
  39. Chives
  40. Mache
  41. Grass pea leaves
  42. Collard greens
  43. Roselle leaves
  44. Dill leaves
  45. Endive
  46. Fenugreek
  47. Punarnava
  48. Radicchio
  49. Fennel greens
  50. Kale

Leafy Vegetables

Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

  1. Kale
  2. Spinach
  3. Collard Greens
  4. Mustard Greens
  5. Turnip Greens
  6. Dandelion Greens
  7. Beet Greens
  8. Broccoli Rabe (Rapini)
  9. Swiss Chard (leaves are dark green, stems vary)
  10. Chinese Broccoli (Gai Lan)
  11. Nettle Leaves
  12. Mizuna
  13. Sorrel
  14. Watercress
  15. Bok Choy (the leafy parts are dark green)
  16. Arugula

Leafy Vegetables Name With Pictures

Sweet basilSweet basil
Garden cressGarden cress
Chinese cabbageChinese cabbage
Snow peasSnow peas
Spring onionSpring onion
Curry leavesCurry leaves
Water spinachWater spinach
Swiss chardSwiss chard
Brussels sproutsBrussels sprouts
Stinging nettleStinging nettle
Mustard greensMustard greens
Amaranth leavesAmaranth leaves
Fiddlehead greensFiddlehead greens
Turnip greensTurnip greens
Beet greensBeet greens
Grass pea leavesGrass pea leaves
Collard greensCollard greens
Roselle leavesRoselle leaves
Dill leavesDill leaves

Benefits of Leafy Vegetables

There are several benefits of eating leafy vegetables, explore some of the important ones below:

Sweet basil Enhances flavor and promotes digestion.
Watercress Rich in nutrients and supports bone health.
Celery Low in calories and aids in hydration.
Saluyot leaves High in fiber and promotes gut health.
Coriander Supports digestion and has antioxidant properties.
Drumstick greens Rich in vitamins and boosts immunity.
Cucumber Hydrating and promoting skin health.
Garden cress Packed with nutrients and aids in digestion.
Chinese cabbage Low in calories and rich in vitamins.
Purslane High in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants.
Broccoli Nutrient-dense and supports heart health.
Cabbage High in fiber and promotes weight loss.
Snow peas Rich in vitamin C and promotes eye health.
Spring onion Enhances flavor and has antibacterial properties.
Leek Supports healthy blood pressure and digestion.
Curry leaves Rich in antioxidants and aids in digestion.
Water spinach High in iron and supports brain health.
Spinach Nutrient-dense and promotes bone health.
Romaine Low in calories and rich in vitamin K.
Asparagus High in folate and supports healthy pregnancy.
Swiss chard Rich in antioxidants and supports bone health.
Brussels sprouts High in fiber and promotes heart health.
Mint It Soothes digestive discomfort and freshens breath.
Rapini High in vitamins and promotes eye health.
Arugula Low in calories and rich in vitamins A and C.
Green beans High in fiber and supports heart health.
Sorrel Rich in vitamin C and aids in digestion.
Stinging nettle Supports healthy joints and reduces inflammation.
Mustard greens High in antioxidants and promotes eye health.
Iceberg Hydrating and supporting weight management.
Okra Rich in fiber and supports digestive health.
Amaranth leaves Nutrient-dense and supports bone health.
Fiddlehead greens High in antioxidants and promotes brain health.
Perilla Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and supports heart health.
Parsley Freshens breathe and have anti-inflammatory properties.
Turnip greens High in vitamins and promotes bone health.
Beet greens Nutrient-dense and supports liver health.
Artichoke High in fiber and promotes healthy digestion.
Chives Rich in vitamins and supports bone health.
Mache Low in calories and rich in vitamins A and C.
Grass pea leaves Nutrient-dense and supports brain health.
Collard greens High in calcium and supports eye health.
Roselle leaves Rich in antioxidants and promotes heart health.
Dill leaves Supports digestion and has antibacterial properties.
Endive Low in calories and promotes healthy digestion.
Fenugreek Supports blood sugar control and aids digestion.
Punarnava Supports liver health and reduces inflammation.
Radicchio Rich in antioxidants and promotes healthy digestion.
Fennel greens Supports digestion and freshens breath.
Kale Nutrient-dense and supports eye health.


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