Hieroglyphics Translator

Bidirectional Hieroglyphs Translator

Welcome to our Egyptian Hieroglyphics Translator, a bridge between the ancient and modern worlds! Easily convert English text to hieroglyphs, or decipher hieroglyphs back into English.

Simply type into the relevant field and watch the translation appear instantly. Use the “Switch” button to toggle between translation modes. Dive into the past with just a few clicks!

How to Use the Translator:

For English to Hieroglyphs:

  • Type your English text into the first box.
  • Watch as the text is automatically transformed into hieroglyphic symbols in the second box.

For Hieroglyphs to English:

  • Click the “Switch to Hieroglyphs to English” button.
  • Enter the hieroglyphic symbols into the now-empty first box.
  • The English translation will appear in the second box.

Understanding the Symbols:

  • Each English letter and number is mapped to a corresponding hieroglyph.
  • Spaces and punctuation have unique symbols as wellβ€”like the ancient quail chick for “a” or the horned viper for “f”.

Using Special Characters and Determinatives:

  • Determinatives are symbols that were used in hieroglyphic writing to clarify the meaning of a word. These are not read as sounds but rather seen as semantic guides.
  • To use determinatives in your translation, you have to use specific keywords within brackets. Here are some examples:
    • [male]: Adds the symbol for “male” at the end of a word.
    • [female]: Adds the symbol for “female”.
    • [plural]: Indicates a plural word, which can be used after words like “men”, “women”, “boys”, “girls”.

For example:

  • Typing “king[male]” translates into the hieroglyphs for “king” followed by the determinative for “male”.

Important Note:

  • The translator is best used for individual words or short phrases due to the complexity of ancient Egyptian grammar and the context-specific use of hieroglyphs.
  • The determinatives and special characters are a simplified guide and may not cover all nuances of ancient Egyptian writing.

We invite you to experiment with words and phrases to see how they were represented in one of humanity’s oldest written languages. Enjoy a connection to history through this simple yet powerful tool.