17 Best Gangster Poems About Life, Love, & Death

Dive into the gritty underworld of verse with these 17 captivating gangster poems. They unravel tales of life’s dark alleys, passionate love entanglements, and the inevitable dance with death. Experience the raw emotions and vivid imagery that only the mob’s muse can inspire. Read on, if you dare.

Funny Gangster Poems

1. Tony’s Tunes

Tony thought he’d rule the streets with swagger and a song. But instead of being fearsome, his tune turned out all wrong.

I knew a gangster named Tony,

Who played the accordion, not the Sony.

He’d serenade rivals with glee,

Making them laugh, then flee.


His crimes were never of theft,

But of playing notes so deft.

Enemies would dance, not fight,

Whenever Tony came in sight.


In the gangster hall of fame,

Tony’s known for his musical game.

He proved that joy, not might,

Wins the gangster fight every night.

2. Mama Mia’s Mobster Spaghetti

Mama Mia runs a mafia kitchen, where foes are served with love. Dive into her world, where dishes are her method of rise above.

In Mama Mia’s kitchen, you see,

Mobsters dine with utmost glee.

Her spaghetti’s the talk of the town,

Making rival gangs put their guns down.


They come for the sauce, so rich,

Leaving their plans in a ditch.

With meatballs so tender and neat,

Mama’s dishes are hard to beat.


Gang wars ended, peace began,

All thanks to a culinary game plan.

Mama Mia’s recipe, pure and true,

Turned foes to friends, out of the blue.

3. Fedora Follies

In the world of gangster fashion, there’s one item that stands tall. This poem dives into the funny side of the iconic fedora’s call.

I once knew a thug named Clyde,

Who wore his fedora with pride.

But it was large, oh so wide,

It hid pigeons and doves inside.


Every time he’d nod or bow,

Birds would fly out, causing a row.

Gangsters would scatter, looking absurd,

All because of Clyde’s bird-filled word.


In the mob world, Clyde’s fame grew,

Not for crimes, but for the bird crew.

His fedora, a symbol of peace,

Made gunfights and squabbles cease.

4. Sneaker Squeaker

Being stealthy is a gangster’s trait. But what if one’s shoes gave him away? Dive into the hilarious tale of a mobster’s noisy fate.

Silent Joe, as he was known,

Moved in shadows, always alone.

But he bought sneakers, brand new,

That squeaked loudly, giving a clue.


Every step he took, a squeak would tell,

Announcing his presence, oh so well.

His rivals would chuckle, “Here comes Joe!”,

His sneaky days, now a comedic show.


Though his reputation took a dent,

Joe’s spirit never bent.

He embraced the sound, with a speaker,

Becoming the famed ‘Sneaker Squeaker’.

5. Tommy’s Toothpick Tale

Tommy had a unique weapon, not a gun or a knife. With a toothpick in hand, he’d navigate his strife.

Tommy Two-Toes had a tool so thin,

Not for picking teeth, but to win.

A toothpick, his choice of gear,

Made his rivals laugh, then cheer.


Instead of stabbing, he’d create art,

Carvings so fine, they’d steal your heart.

Gangsters would gather, placing a bet,

On Tommy’s next toothpick silhouette.


In a world of bullets and blade,

Tommy’s toothpick made the grade.

With finesse and flair, he’d stick,

Proving might’s not just thick, but slick.

Funny Gangster Poems

Gangster Poems About Life

1. Streets and Shadows

Life in the alleys has its own rhythm and code. This poem delves into the intertwining of survival and loyalty on the gangster’s road.

The streets echo with silent codes,

Whispers of secrets, heavy loads.

In shadows, loyalty stands tall,

As gangsters rise, or sometimes fall.


Life isn’t just black or white,

But shades of gray in the moonlight.

Trust is rare, but betrayal rife,

Such is the gangster’s strife.


Dreams of escape, of a new dawn,

Yet the streets pull back, they’re drawn.

For in this life, bonds are tight,

In the world of endless night.

2. Lessons from the Ledger

Every gangster’s journey is a series of transactions and trades. This poem sketches the lessons learned from deals made in shades.

In the ledger of life, entries many,

Debts owed, some haven’t paid any.

Trust is currency, respect the wage,

In the gangster’s world, wisdom of age.


Every deal, a story untold,

Of risks taken, of souls sold.

Lessons learned in the darkest hour,

Teach the value of power.


Yet in the end, what truly counts,

Is not wealth, but loyalty amounts.

For in the mafia’s intricate web,

Bonds of brotherhood, are the true ebb.

3. The Gangster’s Grind

The hustle never stops in a gangster’s life. This poem portrays the relentless pursuit of power, amidst peril and strife.

Day in, day out, the hustle’s real,

Chasing power, cutting deal after deal.

In a world where danger constantly lurks,

A gangster’s grit always works.


Enemies at every turn, challenges rife,

Yet he navigates with a sharp knife.

Cutting through noise, making his mark,

Lighting the path, in places so dark.


But life’s not just danger and play,

There’s love, laughter, in the fray.

For at the heart of every gangster’s grind,

Is a human soul, seeking to find.

Gangster Poems About Life

Gangster Poems About Death

1. The Last Deal

Death is the final transaction in a gangster’s life. This poem illustrates the inevitable end, cutting through like a knife.

In the underworld, stakes are high,

Every handshake, a potential goodbye.

The final deal awaits us all,

When the reaper comes to call.


Silent whispers, a chill in the air,

Life’s fleeting moments, suddenly rare.

Cards laid out, the game’s end near,

Facing death, the last frontier.


For in the mobster’s grand tale,

Victories and losses, all frail.

Death’s the dealer, fate’s hand sealed,

Every gangster bows to the last deal.

2. Bullet’s Ballad

Each bullet tells a story of fate and finality. This poem voices the ballad of life’s fragile mortality in the gangster realm.

A bullet sings a tune so clear,

A melody of end, drawing near.

In the gangster’s world, it’s the song,

Of right and wrong, of weak and strong.


Triggers pulled, destinies changed,

Lives rearranged, dreams estranged.

Echoes of shots, in night’s cold clasp,

Marking the end, in death’s final gasp.


Yet, every bullet’s path does tell,

Of love, ambition, rise and fell.

In the dance with death, so rapid,

Plays the haunting bullet’s ballad.

3. Sunset Streets

As the sun sets, so do lives in the gangster world. This poem captures the poignant blend of endings and eternal rests.

On streets where battles rage,

Death’s the final page.

As the sun dips, casting gold,

Tales of departures, silently told.


Shadows lengthen, embracing the end,

To the unknown, messages send.

For every gangster who meets the dusk,

Life’s symphony becomes a husk.


Yet in the twilight’s gentle sweep,

Promises made, secrets to keep.

For even in death’s silent retreat,

Eternal bonds form on sunset streets.

Gangster Poems About Death

Gangster Love Poems For Her

1. Mafia Muse

In the heart of every gangster, there’s a love that’s pure and true. This poem paints a picture of a mobster’s deep affection for the woman who became his muse.

In this underworld, dark and deep,

It’s your memory I wish to keep.

Gunshots fade, when I think of you,

My guiding star, my love so true.


Enemies surround, danger’s near,

Yet, thoughts of you chase my fear.

In the chaos, your laughter rings,

An oasis, the joy it brings.


For in this life, of crime and spree,

You’re the anchor, setting me free.

Mafia muse, love so rare,

With you, every danger I’d dare.

2. Bulletproof Love

Even in a life surrounded by danger, love can be the strongest shield. This poem is a testament to a gangster’s love, unyielding and never to yield.

In a life where trust’s a luxury,

Your love’s my only surety.

Amidst the gunfire, the blood and gore,

Your touch heals, making me whole once more.


Bulletproof vest, guards my heart,

Yet, it’s vulnerable, when we’re apart.

For my love for you, raw and profound,

Is the only battle, where I’m unbound.


Rivals, foes, they may come and go,

But my love for you, will only grow.

In this maze of crime, our love’s the dove,

Pure, resilient, bulletproof love.

3. Her Whisper in the Alley

Every whisper in the shadows can be a matter of life and death. But for this gangster, her whispers are breaths of love, giving him life’s depth.

In alleys where secrets are sold,

Your whisper, more precious than gold.

Soft and gentle, amidst the strife,

It’s the melody, in my gangster life.


Every deal, every risk I take,

Is for that smile, when I awake.

Your whispers guide, in darkest night,

Shining brighter than any spotlight.


Though the world sees me tough, aloof,

They know not of our love’s proof.

For in every shadow, every valley,

I find strength, in her whisper in the alley.

Gangster Love Poems For Her

Gangster Love Poems That Rhyme

1. Heart’s Heist

Even in a world of crime, love can steal the show. This poem narrates the tale of a gangster whose biggest heist was a heart that made him glow.

In the world of loot and crime,

Your love struck, a perfect rhyme.

While treasures came and treasures went,

It’s your heart I truly rent.


Every jewel, every stolen dime,

Pales to when our hearts chime.

Your love, the truest prize I’ve seized,

In this life of risks, you’re the breeze.


They say I’ve stolen, caused folks pain,

But with your love, I’ve everything to gain.

For in the vast criminal feast,

Your love remains my heart’s heist.

2. Gangster’s Gentle Lullaby

For a hardened criminal, love brings out a tender side. This poem speaks of a gangster’s gentle serenade for the one he cannot hide.

Beneath the moon’s silvery glow,

To you, my love, my feelings flow.

Though guns roar and sirens wail,

Our love’s song prevails, without fail.


Your laughter, my refuge from the fight,

Holds me close, through the night.

Though I walk paths, crooked and sly,

For you, I’d sing a gentle lullaby.


In the mafia’s treacherous tide,

It’s by your side I confide.

For amidst danger, fear, and spy,

Ours is the love that’ll never die.

3. Love’s Wanted Poster

Every gangster is familiar with wanted posters. This poem uses that imagery to portray how love becomes the most sought-after reward.

On city walls, my face does plaster,

A gangster wanted, racing faster.

Yet the real bounty, not gold or fame,

It’s your love, setting my heart aflame.


For every heist, every game I’ve played,

It’s for a moment, in your shade.

Your embrace, the haven I’ve sought,

In love’s trap, I’m happily caught.


Though I’m chased, day and night,

With you, everything feels right.

On love’s wanted poster, clear and bolder,

It’s your heart, I wish to forever shoulder.

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