50+ Funny Ways to Say Take Care

We all want to express our genuine care for someone. These days, many of us are saying goodbye to that classic ‘take care’ phrase and trying out fun and creative alternatives when bidding farewell.

Whether you’re looking for a way to lighten up conversations with your friends or brighten up the mood in the office, there’s no denying how powerful words can be! We’ve compiled some of the funniest phrases from around the world so you can use them next time someone needs a bit of extra cheer.

Read on to discover these funny ways you can say “take care” – don’t forget to have a laugh too!

Funny Ways to Say Take Care

1- Don’t forget to watch your back, buttercup!

2- You keep on truckin’ and stay safe.

3- Be sure to wear sunscreen if you venture outside.

4- Later skater!

5- Put that smiley face in a headlock and take it home with you.

6- Do a rain dance so the sunshine can find you.

7- Stay magic!

8- Keep your chin up.

9- Bless your little heart and stay safe out there!

10- Be good, or else I’ll come after you with my waffle iron.

11- Take care, my little chickadee!

12- Stay frosty.

13- Drop me a line if you ever need anything.

14- Catch ya later, alligator!

15- Take it easy, tiger.

16- Be careful and don’t be afraid to have some fun along the way.

17- Stay cool and keep it real.

18- Don’t forget to remember why you started this journey in the first place.

19- Be a good egg and take care of yourself.

20- See ya later, slugger!

21- Hold your horses and stay safe.

22- Stay safe, stay kind, and have a great day.

23- Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

24- Have a blast!

25- Safe travels and don’t forget to pack your smile!

26- Toodleloo – see you later!

27- Keep your head down and stay safe.

28- Ciao for now!

29- Be a good human and take care of yourself.

30- Take it easy, champ.

31- Send me a postcard from wherever you go!

32- Safe journeys, my friend.

33- See you later, star gazer!

34- You’re never too old to get into trouble – so be careful.

35- Sayonara for now!

36- Be a rockstar and take care of yourself.

37- Watch your step, space cadet!

38- Stay golden!

39- Be sweet and stay safe out there.

40- Have a great day – don’t forget to wear your cape!

41- Keep on truckin’, kiddo.

42- Toodle pip – see you later!

43- Safe travels and don’t forget your umbrella.

44- Take it easy, partner.

45- Have a great day – remember to be awesome!

46- Be excellent to each other and party on, dudes!

47- Happy trails, my friend.

48- Be careful out there and take care of yourself.

49- Smell ya later!

50- Keep those feet firmly on the ground and stay safe!

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