30+ Funny Ways to Say Let’s Cuddle

Funny Ways to Say Let’s Cuddle!

1- Come here, you big teddy bear!

2- Let’s be two peas in a pod.

3- Come here, my cuddle buddy!

4- Snuggle safari anyone?

5- Let’s get close and cozy.

6- How about a huggable hug?

7- I need your hugs and kisses.

8- Cuddle up and snuggle time

9- Let’s cuddle and watch a movie.

10- Let’s make like a koala bear and hug it out.

11- Time to get our snuggle on!

12- Do you want to nuzzle up?

13- I’ve got room in my arms for two.

14- Let’s hug it out like koalas.

15- Fancy a cuddle marathon?

16- Let’s get our cuddles on!

17- Snuggle up and stay awhile.

18- Come here, you snuggly thing.

19- Get your hugs and snuggles here.

20- I’m all yours for cuddling.

21- Let’s hang out and be snuggle buddies.

22- Come on, embrace me!

23- Time to hug it out real good.

24- How about a full body hug?

25- Come here and let me give you a hug.

26- Let’s get our cuddling on!

27- I’m ready for some snuggles.

28- What do you say we embrace each other?

29- Come get your hugs and kisses now.

30- Let’s go share a warm and fuzzy moment.

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