20+ Free Palestine Poems (Short and Long Poems)

In the vast lexicon of human expression, few mediums capture the soul’s yearnings as evocatively as poetry. For centuries, it has been a sanctuary for those seeking to convey their deepest emotions, hopes, and dreams.

As we embark on this poetic journey, we’ll be exploring the landscapes of Palestine, a land whose narrative is intricately woven with tales of resilience, sacrifice, and an undying spirit.

From the olive groves that have witnessed epochs to the sacred streets of Jerusalem and the indomitable spirit of Gaza, these poems—composed in the soulful language of English & Arabic—seek to resonate with the heartbeats of millions who dream of a free Palestine.

Whether you’re a poetry aficionado or new to the art, let the words transport you to a place where every stone tells a story, and every breeze sings a song of hope.

Free Palestine Poems

1. A Plea for Peace

A heartfelt call for someone powerful to embrace peace and grant Palestine its freedom.

O Powerful! hear the world’s refrain,

End the pain, break the chain.

Palestine dreams of skies so clear,

Where children laugh, without fear.


From ancient lands to seas so vast,

Let the conflicts be in the past.

Two nations, side by side,

Where peace prevails, and hate has died.


For futures bright and histories deep,

It’s time to make the leap.

O Powerful! let Palestine be free,

Together, shape a world in unity.

2. The Caged Bird’s Song

An allegorical reflection on Palestine’s yearning for freedom, symbolized by a caged bird longing to soar.

In the garden where both shadows and blooms reside,

The caged bird yearns, spreads its wings wide.

Dreams of azure skies and a song so free,

Hoping the key turns, and releases its plea.


From golden dawns to silvery nights,

It sings of peace, of equal flights.

For every cage, no matter how strong,

Cannot silence the bird’s hopeful song.


In the heart of the garden, let freedom ring,

For every bird deserves its spring.

Unlock the door, let the song soar high,

Underneath the vast, endless sky.

2. Whispers of Olive Trees

This poem reflects on the enduring spirit and resilience of Palestine, using olive trees as a symbol of its rich history and hope.

In ancient groves where whispers weave,

Palestine’s soul, its heart still beats.

Olive branches tell tales untold,

Of resilience, courage, spirits bold.


Long years of struggle, yet hope remains,

In every stone, and every grain.

The roots run deep, through pain and strife,

Yet still they stand, full of life.


Dreams of freedom in children’s eyes,

Beneath the vast, unending skies.

For Palestine, we hope and pray,

For peace to dawn, a brighter day.

3. Long Poem: “Legacy of the Land”

This poem paints a picture of the rich tapestry of Palestinian culture, history, and the undying quest for freedom and justice.

From ancient cities to rolling seas,

Palestine, land of histories.

Where prophets walked and legends grew,

And every stone a story knew.


Jerusalem’s heart, Al-Aqsa’s call,

Echoes of prayers, rise and fall.

Olive trees, with age-old grace,

Guardians of a sacred place.


Cobbled alleys, market’s hum,

The aroma of za’atar and then some.

Families gather, stories to share,

Of ancestors’ dreams, in the crisp evening air.


Faces etched with tales of yore,

Resilience, in every pore.

For every tear, a song is sung,

Of freedom’s bell, yet to be rung.


Children play in alleyways tight,

Dreaming of stars, shining bright.

Hoping for days of laughter and glee,

In a free Palestine, as it should be.


Dabke dances, joy unconfined,

The rhythm of a collective mind.

For in each step, each tune, each verse,

Is Palestine’s love, its universe.

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free palestine poem

1 Verse Short Free Palestine Poems

here are ten short poems with varied themes and emotions:

1. Moon’s Embrace

Above, the moon’s gentle gaze,

Silver light in a velvet haze.

Whispered secrets to the night,

Dreams take flight in its soft light.

2. Sands of Time

Time’s sands, so vast and wide,

Mark moments, where memories reside.

With each grain, a story’s birth,

Tales of sorrow, joy, and mirth.

3. Nature’s Dance

Leaves rustle, rivers flow,

Nature’s dance, a constant show.

Mountains rise, oceans deep,

Earth’s promises, she’ll always keep.

4. Love’s Echo

Heartbeats sync in love’s embrace,

Time stands still, in this sacred space.

Words unspoken, yet souls converse,

In love’s tender, endless verse.

5. Dreamer’s Voyage

On gossamer wings, dreams take flight,

Beyond the stars, into the night.

Journey to places yet unseen,

In realms where dreamers have always been.

6. Forgotten Song

Melodies from a time long past,

Echoes of memories, forever to last.

Notes that linger in the air,

Reminders of a forgotten affair.

7. Season’s Shift

Winter’s chill, summer’s blaze,

Nature’s rhythm, in endless phase.

Spring blossoms, autumn’s gold,

Earth’s stories, forever told.

8. Infinite Sky

Above, the vast expanse so blue,

Holds dreams, hopes, and truths anew.

Stars twinkle, secrets they keep,

In the infinite sky, so vast and deep.

9. Whispering Waves

Oceans vast, waves that crash,

Tales of old, in each splash.

Secrets whispered to the shore,

Ancient stories, forevermore.

10. Canvas of Life

Life’s canvas, painted with hues,

Of joys, sorrows, old and new.

Each stroke, a memory’s trace,

A masterpiece, time can’t erase.

Palestinian Resistance Poetry

1. Steadfast Stones

This poem speaks of the enduring resilience of the Palestinian people, likening them to the ancient stones of their land.

Amidst the rubble, standing tall,

Are stories of a land where olives fall.

Stones that witnessed centuries pass,

Resilience rooted, built to last.


From ancient streets to children’s eyes,

A spirit unbroken, always it lies.

Resistance carved in every stone,

A promise of a homeland, their own.

2. Olives and Dreams

This poem captures the symbolic significance of olive trees, representing hope, sustenance, and deep-rooted connections to the land.

Olive trees, old and wise,

Witness to countless suns that rise.

Their roots, deep in sacred land,

Speak of dreams and resistance grand.


Leaves shimmer, tales they tell,

Of a people’s love, where they dwell.

From each olive, hope does gleam,

A symbol of life, and endless dreams.

3. Winds of Change

This poem reflects on the longing for change and freedom, highlighting the undying spirit of resistance and unity.

Across the dunes, winds do blow,

Carrying hopes, where resistance grow.

Tales of struggle, of nights so long,

Yet, the spirit’s song remains strong.


Bound by history, by shared fate,

For freedom and justice, they wait.

Unified in purpose, in heart, in range,

Believing always in winds of change.

Poems about Palestine in Arabic

Here are three poems in Arabic about Palestine, focusing on its resilience, beauty, and enduring spirit:

1. “أرض الزيتون” (Land of olives)

في أرض الزيتون، نحلم ونقاوم،
قوة الشعب، كجذور الشجر.
في كل زيتونة قصة وذكرى،
أرض فلسطين، قلبنا ودرب البصر.

ترابها شهد لكل معركة،
وصدى الأذان يملأ الأفق البعيد.
فلسطين، حلم الحرية لا ينكسر،
في القلب تبقى، دائمًا بلا حدود وبلا حد.

2. “نسيم القدس” (Breeze of Jerusalem)

نسيم القدس يحمل ذكريات،
من الماضي البعيد، إلى الآن.
شوارعها تروي قصص الأجداد،
وصدى الأمل، في كل زاوية وحيان.

أطفالها يحلمون بالسماء الزرقاء،
وفي عيونهم شمس الحرية تشرق.
أرض الأنبياء، الحب والأمان،
فلسطين لا تنسى، دائمًا في القلب تدق.

3. “رسالة من غزة” (Message from Gaza)

غزة التي لا تنكسر، ولا تستسلم،
في وجه العاصفة، قوية كالصخر.
رغم الحصار والألم والظلم،
روحها تعلو، كالنسر.

أطفالها يلعبون على شواطئها الذهبية،
متجاهلين أصوات الحروب القاسية.
في غزة، الحياة تستمر،
والأمل بالحرية، لا يموت أبدًا ولا يخضع.