50 Different Ways to say goodbye lyrics

Goodbye or goodbye is a very common word used in our conversation when we are seeing off our friends and family. here is the list of all important sweet and slang words used in place of goodbye. Normally at the end of the meeting with friends, we are confused that how to say goodbye to our friends. there are different ways to say goodbye to your friends.

Different 50 ways to say goodbye lyrics

1- I’m leavin’ on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again

2- So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, goodnight

3- Fare thee well, adios, au revoir

4- Goodbye for now and see you around

5- We’re going our separate ways, so take your time and find a better place

6- I must be movin’ on, the road is my home

7- So long and good luck to you all

8- Bye bye now, don’t cry no more

9- Time to move ahead, spread my wings and soar

10- Bye bye love, no regrets at all

11- I’m taking off, my mission is to fly high and tall

12- It’s been real, it’s been nice, see you on the flip side

13- Hasta la vista, baby, don’t let the door hit ya as you go

14- I’m out of here for good, so long and don’t look back

15- Later days, later nights, adieu my dear friend

16- Until we meet again, goodbye friends

17- See you soon, save the date and take care

18- Until next time, cheerio

19- Catch ya later, until we meet again

20- It’s been a pleasure, adieu and Godspeed

21- Smell ya later, take it easy buddy

22- Later gator, have a good time don’t worry ’bout mine

23- Bye bye now, I’m on my way

24- It’s time to go, I’ll see you soon another day

25- Bye bye now, don’t worry ’bout me

26- So long for now, no tears goodbye

27- Time for me to be on my way, cheerio and good luck all the way

28- I bid adieu, good luck and goodbye

29- Farewell for now, the sun will still shine

30- Ta ta for now, keep smiling all the time

31- Keep it real and have a blast, until we meet again at last

32- Auf Wiedersehen and take care, until we meet again somewhere

33- See you when I see you, may peace be with you

34- Until later days, have yourself a good time

35- Later alligator, it’s time to go away

36- Farewell my friends, I’ll be on my way

37- Goodbye for now, it’s been real

38- Bye bye love, I must be leavin’ on a jet plane

39- Until next time we meet again, peace out my friend

40- Have a good one, remember me when you’re gone

41- Signing off for now, so long and farewell to all

42- Bye bye now, I’m headed out of town

43- Hasta la vista and so long, until next time all around

44- Take care my friend, goodbye for now

45- Catch ya later, have a good one in the end

46- Until we meet again on another day, it’s been real and nice to know ya

47- Time for me to be gone, au revoir and peace out

48- Adios amigos and don’t worry ’bout a thing

49- See you later alligator, I’ll be on my way

50- Goodbye for now, but I’ll be back someday.

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Smart ways to say goodbye

  • Adios, amigos.
  • After four, dinosaur.
  • After three, chimpanzee!
  • After two, kangaroo!
  • Au revoir!
  • Be careful! Don’t get mauled by a squirrel!
  • Be sweet, parakeet.
  • Be gone!
  • Bye! I tolerate you!
  • Catch you round like a rissole!
  • Ciao ciao, brown cow!
  • Come back when you can’t stay so long.
  • Don’t forget to send a letter.
  • Don’t get cut by a blade of grass!
  • Don’t trip on a raindrop!
  • Goodbye forever.
  • Gotta go, the power of the shower compels me.
  • I shall return.
  • I’ll show you to the door!
  • I’m late for my bus, gigantopithecus!
  • I’m outta here like spit through a trumpet.
  • I’m outtie.
  • Make new friends on the sidewalk!
  • Make sure the doormat says goodbye!
  • Move out, brussels sprout!
  • Never look back!
  • Next time, bring more cookies.
  • Peace out, rainbow trout!
  • Sayonara, muchachos!
  • Screw you guys, I’m going home!
  • See you at the restaurant at the edge of the universe!
  • See you in another life, brotha!
  • See you in the future.
  • See you later, aggregator!
  • See you on the internet!
  • See you soon, baboon!
  • So long, suckers!
  • Stay cool, my dude.
  • Take care, polar bear!
  • Take it easy, greasy. You’ve got a long way to slide.
  • That’s all folks.
  • Toodaloo, caribou!
  • Until next time.
  • We may not talk for a long time, but I hope we don’t lose touch.
  • You will do well.

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