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Cantonese Translator

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What is Cantonese?

Cantonese is one of the five major Chinese languages, widely spoken in Hong Kong, Macau, and parts of southern China such as Guangdong Province.

Unlike Mandarin, the most prevalent Chinese dialect, Cantonese maintains a complex system of tones and is known for its rich colloquialisms and expressive intonation.

Here are two basic sentences in Cantonese, along with their English translations, for more use our translator.

  1. Cantonese: 你好嗎? Transliteration: Nei5 hou2 ma? English: How are you?
  2. Cantonese: 我愛你。 Transliteration: Ngo5 oi3 nei5. English: I love you.

Cantonese is known for its distinct phonology and use of tones, where the meaning of a word can change based on its intonation, making it a fascinating but challenging language to learn for non-native speakers.