Burn Idioms (With Meaning and Examples)

When we use idioms in English, it’s like painting with words! Idioms help us express ideas in a fun and colorful way. This blog post is all about idioms that use the word “burn.” These phrases are easy to learn and can add some “fire” to your conversations!

Burn Idioms

Here are 20 burn idioms in English with meaning and example sentence for each.

1. Burn the midnight oil

Meaning: Stay up late working on something.

Example: She burned the midnight oil to finish her essay.

2. Burn the candle at both ends

Meaning: Work excessively hard.

Example: He’s burning the candle at both ends with two jobs.

3. Burn a hole in one’s pocket

Meaning: Money spent quickly.

Example: His paycheck is burning a hole in his pocket.

4. Burn one’s bridges

Meaning: Destroy one’s path, opportunities.

Example: He burned his bridges with that company.

5. Burn rubber

Meaning: Drive a car very fast.

Example: They burned rubber out of the parking lot.

6. Burn up the road

Meaning: Travel very quickly.

Example: She was burning up the road to get home.

7. Crash and burn

Meaning: Fail spectacularly.

Example: His business plan crashed and burned.

8. Burn oneself out

Meaning: Work too hard over time.

Example: She’s burning herself out with extra projects.

9. Money to burn

Meaning: Have a lot of money to spend.

Example: He acts like he has money to burn.

10. Burn one’s boats

Meaning: Make a decision irreversible.

Example: He’s burning his boats by moving abroad.

11. Slow burn

Meaning: Gradual building of anger.

Example: His comments gave her a slow burn.

12. Have an old flame

Meaning: Maintain feelings for an ex-lover.

Example: He still has an old flame in his heart.

13. Get burned

Meaning: Be cheated or deceived.

Example: She got burned in that deal.

14. Burn brighter

Meaning: Perform better, stand out.

Example: He always burns brighter under pressure.

15. Burn the boats

Meaning: Commit fully to a course of action.

Example: They burned the boats with their new strategy.

16. Feel the burn

Meaning: Feel muscle pain from exercising.

Example: You’ll feel the burn after those exercises.

17. A burning question

Meaning: An urgent or crucial question.

Example: The burning question is, what’s next?

18. Burning the record

Meaning: Excelling or surpassing records.

Example: She’s burning the record with sales.

19. Keep the home fires burning

Meaning: Maintain the household or support.

Example: He kept the home fires burning alone.

20. Burned at the stake

Meaning: Severely criticized or punished.

Example: She felt burned at the stake by critics.

Burn Idioms