Bug Idioms (With Meaning and Examples)

Insects might be small, but they’re often used in everyday language. This post explores various idioms related to bugs that add fun and color to our expressions. Whether you’re a language learner or just curious, these idioms will offer you a quirky glimpse into English.

Bug Idioms

Here are 20 bug idioms in English with meaning and example sentence for each.

1. Butterflies in your stomach

Meaning: Feeling nervous
Example: He had butterflies in his stomach before the speech.

2. Busy as a bee

Meaning: Very busy
Example: She’s as busy as a bee during the holidays.

3. Ants in your pants

Meaning: Can’t sit still
Example: The kids have ants in their pants today.

4. Snug as a bug

Meaning: Very comfortable
Example: I was snug as a bug in my new bed.

5. Bee’s knees

Meaning: Excellent, high quality
Example: This pie is the bee’s knees.

6. Fly on the wall

Meaning: An unnoticed observer
Example: I’d love to be a fly on the wall in their meeting.

7. Make a beeline for

Meaning: Go straight towards
Example: He made a beeline for the snacks.

8. Spider’s web of lies

Meaning: Complex, deceitful plot
Example: He spun a spider’s web of lies.

9. Drop like flies

Meaning: Fall down or fail rapidly
Example: Players began to drop like flies in the heat.

10. Wouldn’t hurt a fly

Meaning: Very gentle
Example: She’s so kind, wouldn’t hurt a fly.

11. Bee in your bonnet

Meaning: Obsessed with an idea
Example: He’s got a bee in his bonnet about that project.

12. Like moths to a flame

Meaning: Drawn to something irresistibly
Example: Tourists flock like moths to a flame to the festival.

13. Worm your way out of

Meaning: Escape a situation by cunning
Example: He wormed his way out of doing chores.

14. Have a fly in the ointment

Meaning: A small but irritating flaw
Example: The broken air conditioner was a fly in the ointment.

15. Throw a spider in the web

Meaning: Create complications
Example: Adding new rules will throw a spider in the web.

16. Fire ant temperament

Meaning: Quickly angered
Example: He’s known for his fire ant temperament.

17. Grasshopper mind

Meaning: Thoughts jumping from topic to topic
Example: She has a grasshopper mind during discussions.

18. Bugging someone

Meaning: Annoying someone
Example: Stop bugging your sister!

19. Cockroach of the conversation

Meaning: A topic that won’t go away
Example: That rumor is the cockroach of the conversation.

20. Waspish

Meaning: Easily irritated
Example: He’s waspish before his morning coffee.

Bug Idioms