Book Idioms (With Meaning and Examples)

Idioms are like secret codes in language that share special meanings. This blog post will explore fun phrases related to books. Even if you’re just learning, you’ll understand and be able to use these idioms in your sentences!

Book Idioms

Here are 20 book idioms in English with meaning and example sentences for each.

1. Hit the books

Meaning: Start studying hard
Example: I need to hit the books for my test tomorrow.

2. Judge a book by its cover

Meaning: Judge something on appearance alone
Example: Don’t judge a book by its cover.

3. Bookworm

Meaning: Someone who reads a lot
Example: She’s a real bookworm, always reading.

4. By the book

Meaning: Doing things strictly by the rules
Example: He always does things by the book.

5. In someone’s good books

Meaning: To be in favor with someone
Example: I’m in her good books this week.

6. Read between the lines

Meaning: Understand hidden meanings
Example: Read between the lines of his letter.

7. A closed book

Meaning: Something that is not known or understood
Example: His past is a closed book.

8. An open book

Meaning: Someone who is easy to understand
Example: My life is an open book.

9. Cook the books

Meaning: Dishonestly arrange finances
Example: They got caught cooking the books.

10. Take a leaf out of someone’s book

Meaning: To imitate or follow an example
Example: Take a leaf out of her book and be kind.

11. Bring someone to book

Meaning: To punish someone
Example: He was brought to book for his errors.

12. Throw the book at someone

Meaning: To punish severely
Example: They threw the book at him for cheating.

13. Book smart

Meaning: Knowledgeable from studies
Example: She’s very book smart but shy.

14. Balance the books

Meaning: Ensuring all accounts are correct
Example: We need to balance the books tonight.

15. Crack a book

Meaning: Open up a book to study
Example: I haven’t cracked a book all weekend.

16. Bookish

Meaning: Interested in reading and studying
Example: He’s a bit bookish but friendly.

17. One for the books

Meaning: A remarkable event
Example: That game was one for the books.

18. Close the book on

Meaning: Stop thinking about something
Example: Let’s close the book on this argument.

19. Make book on

Meaning: Accept bets on
Example: They make book on horse races.

20. Every trick in the book

Meaning: Use every possible tactic
Example: He tried every trick in the book to win.

Book Idioms