5 Winter Flower Names with Pictures

5 Winter Flower Names with pictures! Wintertime doesn’t have to be all about barren landscapes and frigid weather. There are plenty of beautiful flowers that can be enjoyed during the colder months, too. Here are five winter flower names along with pictures to help you get started in your garden this season.

5 Winter Flowers Names

List of Winter Flower Names

  1. Winterberry
  2. Winter Jasmine
  3. Snowdrops
  4. Pieris
  5. Daffodils

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Winter Flower Names with pictures


Winterberry 5 Winter Flowers Names

Winterberry is a small shrub or tree that produces edible berries. The berries are red, yellow, or purple and can be eaten fresh. The berries grow on the plant in clusters. It can be found growing in woods and along streams throughout most of North America.

Winter Jasmine

Winter Jasmine 5 Winter Flowers Names

Winter jasmine is a vine that grows as a climbing plant. It can be found in the eastern US and Canada. The vines grow up to 15 feet long and spread to form dense mats. The flowers are white, pink, or purple and bloom in the winter months.


Snowdrops 5 Winter Flowers Names

Snowdrops are small flowers that bloom in the winter months. They grow on a bush or tree and resemble white bells. The flowers can be found in many colors and have five petals.


Pieris 5 Winter Flowers Names

Pieris is a genus of flowering plants. The flowers grow in clusters and are usually white, pink, or purple. They bloom from the middle to the end of winter. These plants grow in wooded areas and can be found throughout North America.


Daffodils 5 Winter Flowers Names

Daffodils are spring flowers that grow in bulbs. They have five petals and bloom during the winter months. The bulbs are usually orange or yellow.


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