10 examples of modals, Definition and Example Sentences Pdf


10 examples of modals Pdf!

Modal Verbs Definition

Model verbs are a kind of helping verbs. They show the mood of a verb such as ability, possibility, obligation, permission, advice, or some other mood.

Some Model verbs are:

  1. Can
  2. Could
  3. May
  4. Might
  5. Shall
  6. Should
  7. Will
  8. Would
  9. Must

Formula of Modal Verbs

Subject + Modal Verb + Main verb


  • I can win the race. 10 examples of modals
  • You should have a walk daily.

Modal Verbs – Video

Different Modal Verbs with Examples


We use this verb in the case of importance, asking permission, and Possibility.


  • Ali can win the race.
  • Smoking can cause cancer.
  • Can Ali come with me for dinner?



Will/shall is use in case of wish, desire, will, confidence, in the future.


  • I shall visit the China the next month.
  • Ali will receive us at the railway station.
  • Will you lend me your camera?
  • Will you go with me?
  • Shall I close the door?
  • Shall I stay with you?



Must is used in the case of obligation, firm, conclusion, necessity.


  • You must see a doctor at once.
  • John must study hard.
  • My watch must be broken
  • He must have done this mistake.



May/Might is used in case of possibilities and past (Might).


  • I may/might go to the market.
  • It may/might rain today.

May is also used in case of request.


  • May I use your pen?
  • May I come in?

In case of Strong Motive.


  • He worked hard so he may pass.
  • He worked hard so he might pass.

In case of Prayer/invocation


  • May you live long!
  • May he go to hell!



We use would in case of question, permission, polite request, a habit of the past.


  • Would you like salad with your meal?
  • Where would you like to eat dinner?
  • If you hired a car, you would reach in time.
  • If you worked hard, you would have pass the exam.
  • When I was a student, I would go swimming every day.
  • When John lived in America, he would write me long letters.



Used for possibility in past, polite request, Conditional sentences and ability.


  • You could help me in that crisis.
  • They could be dangerous.
  • When I was young, I could run very fast.
  • Could you help me move this sofa?
  • Could you give me a lone?
  • If you worked hard, you could pass the examination.



Used for urgent work or moral duty.


  • You should help the poor
  • I should reach the school in time.


Ought (to)

Used for moral duty.


  • You ought to help the needy.
  • He ought to obey his parents.

Infographics (Modal verbs Examples)

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