Mass Plural, What is the Plural of Mass?

Meaning: a particular celebration of the Eucharist

Singular and Plural of Mass

Singular plural
mass masses

Mass as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The churchgoers gathered for the morning mass.
  2. The priest delivered a sermon during the Sunday mass.
  3. The solemn mass was accompanied by beautiful hymns.
  4. The faithful attended mass to receive spiritual nourishment.
  5. The choir sang hymns during the evening mass.
  6. The mass concluded with a final blessing from the priest.
  7. The church was filled with worshippers during the Christmas mass.
  8. The devout Catholic never missed Sunday mass.
  9. The mass was conducted in Latin, preserving tradition.
  10. The reverent atmosphere during mass brought comfort and peace.

Mass as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The priest celebrated multiple masses throughout the day.
  2. The faithful attended the early morning and evening masses.
  3. The masses of people filled the church on Easter Sunday.
  4. The schedule included regular weekday and weekend masses.
  5. The devoted priest prepared his sermon for the upcoming masses.
  6. The choir practiced for the special Christmas Eve masses.
  7. The church accommodated large masses during religious holidays.
  8. The Sunday morning and afternoon masses were well-attended.
  9. The masses recited prayers together during the service.
  10. The priest addressed the congregants in his various masses.

Singular Possessive of Mass 

The singular possessive form of “Mass” is “Mass’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Mass

  1. The mass’s impact was felt across the region.
  2. The mass’s gravitational pull attracted nearby objects.
  3. The archaeologist studied the mass’s composition.
  4. The scientist analyzed the mass’s density and volume.
  5. The artist captured the beauty of the mass’s shape.
  6. The physicist calculated the velocity of the mass’s movement.
  7. The explorer discovered the origin of the mass’s formation.
  8. The astronomer observed the trajectory of the mass’s orbit.
  9. The researcher investigated the properties of the mass’s particles.
  10. The historian documented the historical significance of the mass’s presence.

Plural Possessive of Mass 

The plural possessive form of “Mass” is “Masses'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Mass

  1. The masses’ opinions varied on the matter.
  2. The political leader addressed the masses’ concerns.
  3. The architect designed a structure to accommodate the masses’ needs.
  4. The historian analyzed the impact of the masses’ actions.
  5. The social scientist studied the behavior of the masses’ movements.
  6. The musician entertained the masses’ crowd with their performance.
  7. The psychologist explored the influence of the masses’ beliefs.
  8. The economist studied the effects of the masses’ spending habits.
  9. The teacher catered to the masses’ learning styles.
  10. The marketer targeted the masses’ preferences in their advertising campaigns.

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