50 Sentences in Past Tense, Past Tense Examples

50 Sentences in Past Tense, Past Tense Examples! Are you still having difficulty with past tense verbs? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here are 50 sentences to help you practice using past tense verbs. By reading and following along, you’ll be able to master this tricky verb tense in no time!

50 sentences in past tense

Below are 50 examples:

  1. The dog barked all night long from the bedroom down the hall.
  2. I woke up at 9 AM this morning after sleeping in for a few hours.
  3. They stared in awe at the mountains covered in snow in the distance.
  4. We walked downtown and window shopped for a while before we went to the park and ate lunch.
  5. She returned the video game to the store because it was broken.
  6. We peeked into her purse and saw that she was hiding candy bars in there!
  7. The dog went running through the yard with a stick in his mouth.
  8. She woke up at 7 AM this morning and got right out of bed.
  9. We put on some music and started to dance.
  10. I ate a hamburger for dinner last night!
  11. They walked downtown to get ice cream after they finished their homework.
  12. The cat purred under my touch while I stroked her fur.
  13. He worked on his powers of concentration before he went to sleep at 10 PM.
  14. I woke up and saw that everyone was already awake in the house!
  15. We ran around outside for a while before we came back inside.
  16. The cat meowed in the kitchen all weekend long!
  17. She watched T.V. until she fell asleep last night.
  18. We saw a bear wander into the woods near our campsite!
  19. He came home and went straight to bed at 9 PM.
  20. She looked through old photo albums and laughed about how much we had all grown up since then.
  21. They were watching T.V. in the living room when I came inside after being out all day.
  22. We stayed up late talking on the phone yesterday.
  23. They looked up at the stars and thought about how small they felt in this vast world of ours.
  24. The dog ran through the house with a stick in his mouth!
  25. She watched T.V. until she passed out in the chair.
  26. We played video games together for hours on Friday night!
  27. He didn’t have school this past Monday.
  28. They had dinner at 6 PM and then did their homework together afterwards.
  29. The cat curled up into a ball next to me when I sat down in my bedroom.
  30. We looked outside and saw a bear wander into the yard!
  31. The dog fell asleep at his feet when he sat on the couch to watch T.V. later that night.
  32. She stayed up late studying for her math test!
  33. They watched an old movie together and laughed about how much they remembered.
  34. They didn’t go to school yesterday because of the holiday!
  35. We watched T.V. every night after dinner before we went to bed.
  36. She came inside and went right up to her room without saying a word.
  37. The cat slipped outside when I wasn’t looking and I couldn’t find her anywhere!
  38. He came home and read a book in his room for an hour before he went to sleep.
  39. They ran around outside for a while and then they sat down on the porch to rest.
  40. The dog barked at me when I walked inside the house.
  41. We looked through old photo albums and laughed about how much we had changed since then.
  42. She went running with the dog every morning at 6 AM before she took him for a walk.
  43. I was at school until 5 PM yesterday because of an assembly!
  44. They stayed up late playing video games on Saturday night.
  45. We went to the grocery store after dinner for some food.
  46. I ate at McDonalds for dinner last night!
  47. They slept in until 9 AM this morning because they were tired from staying up late the night before.
  48. My alarm went off at 6 AM this morning!
  49. The cat meowed because it wanted to go outside.
  50. We watched T.V. until we fell asleep on the couch last night.