5 Wild Animals Name, Wild animal names list in English

5 Wild animals Name, Wild animal names list in English

5 Wild Animal Names

One of the most interesting aspects of learning a new language is discovering the different names for animals in that language. While many English speakers are familiar with the names for common animals like dogs and cats, there are countless other creatures with equally interesting names. Here are five examples of wild animals names:

  1. Camel
  2. Jaguar
  3. Tiger
  4. Deer
  5. Rhinoceros

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Lion 5 Wild Animal Names

Lion is a big cat that has a mane and the word “lion” means “king” in several languages. Lions are large carnivores that can be found in Africa. Lions have been known to kill people and are considered one of the most dangerous animals in Africa.


Aguar 5 Wild Animal Names

Aguar is a large fish found in the Amazon River. It has been known to grow up to five meters long and weigh over 200 kilograms.


Tiger 5 Wild Animal Names

Tiger is a large cat that can be found all over Asia and Africa. Tigers are known for their strength and speed, which makes them very dangerous to humans.


Deer 5 Wild Animal Names

Deer is a large herbivore that has antlers. Deer are found in many parts of the world, such as Europe and North America.


Rhinoceros 5 Wild Animal Names

Rhinoceros is a large mammal that has a long face, small ears, and an almost circular body. Rhinoceros can be found in Africa.