20 Examples of Singular and Plural Nouns in Sentences

20 Examples of Singular Nouns in Sentences! Knowing the rules of singular and plural nouns is an essential part of mastering the English language. To help you better understand how to use them, this article will provide 20 examples of singular and plural nouns used in sentences.

Each example sentence will demonstrate the correct usage of singular and plural nouns so that you can gain a better understanding of when to use each. Additionally, this article will explain some of the common exceptions to the rules for using singular and plural nouns correctly.

20 Examples of Singular and Plural nouns

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20 Examples of Singular and Plural Nouns

Below are 20 examples of singular and plural nouns respectively.

  1. Opus – Opera/Opuses
  2. City – Cities
  3. Gallows – Gallows
  4. Graffito – Graffiti
  5. Father-in-Law – Fathers-in-Law
  6. Amoeba – Amoebae
  7. Wife – Wives
  8. Seraph – Seraphim
  9. Inch – Inches
  10. Shrimp – Shrimp/Shrimps
  11. Child – Children
  12. Person – People
  13. Salmon – Salmon/Salmons
  14. Goose – Geese
  15. Man – Men
  16. Corpus – Corpora
  17. Bacterium – Bacteria
  18. Knife – Knives
  19. Scarf – Scarves
  20. Sister-in-law – Sisters-in-law

Examples of Singular and Plural Nouns in Sentences

1:- Book: The book is a source of knowledge and entertainment.

Books: The books in the library are organized by subject and author.

2:- Cow: The cow is a domesticated animal raised for meat and milk.

Cows: The cows in the pasture are grazing on the grass.

3:- Phone: The phone is a device used for communication.

Phones: The phones in the store have different features and prices.

4:- Dog: The dog is a loyal and friendly companion.

Dogs: The dogs in the shelter are waiting for a loving home.

5:- Rock: The rock in the mountain is made of granite.

Rocks: The rocks on the beach are smooth from erosion.

6:- Bike: The bike is a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation.

Bikes: The bikes in the bike share program are available for rent.

7:- Cat: The cat is a cute and cuddly pet.

Cats: The cats in the animal shelter are looking for a forever home.

8:- Fish: The fish in the aquarium swim gracefully.

Fish/Fishes: The fish/fishes in the lake are diverse and colorful.

9:- Computer: A computer is a powerful tool for work and entertainment.

Computers: The computers in the office are connected to the internet.

10:- Table: The table is a piece of furniture used for dining or working.

Tables: The tables in the restaurant are reserved for parties.

11:- Sunflower: The sunflower is a beautiful and useful plant.

Sunflowers: The sunflowers in the garden are attracting bees and butterflies.

12:- Carrot: The carrot is a root vegetable rich in vitamins and minerals.

Carrots: The carrots in the soup add flavor and nutrition.

13:- Childhood: Childhood memories are precious and nostalgic.

Childhoods: Childhoods in different cultures have different traditions and customs.

14:- Mountain: The mountain is a natural wonder and a popular destination for hikers.

Mountains: The mountains in the range offer breathtaking views and challenges.

15:- Birdhouse: The birdhouse in the garden is attracting many birds.

Birdhouses: The birdhouses in the park are designed for different bird species.

16:- Movie: A movie is a form of entertainment and art.

Movies: The movies in the theater are playing at different times.

17:- Cake: The cake is a delicious dessert for celebrations.

Cakes: The cakes in the bakery come in different flavors and designs.

18:- Coffee: Coffee is a popular beverage consumed all over the world.

Coffees: The coffees in the café are brewed from different beans and blends.

19:- Car: The car is a common mode of transportation for everyday use.

Cars: The cars in the parking lot are of different makes and models.

20:- Shoe: The shoe is footwear used for protection and fashion.

Shoes: The shoes in the store come in different sizes and styles for men and women.

20 Examples of Singular Nouns in Sentences