15 Examples of Singular and Plural Nouns in Sentences

15 Examples of Singular Nouns in Sentences15 Examples of Singular Nouns in Sentences

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15 Examples of Singular and Plural Nouns in Sentences

1) Singular: The dog is barking loudly.

Plural: The dogs are barking loudly.

2) Singular: I need to buy a new book.

Plural: I need to buy some new books.

3) Singular: The child is playing with a toy.

Plural: The children are playing with toys.

4) Singular: He has a beautiful rose in his hand.

Plural: He has a bunch of beautiful roses in his hand.

5) Singular: The company is growing rapidly.

Plural: The companies are growing rapidly.

6) Singular: The car is parked outside.

Plural: The cars are parked outside.

7) Singular: I have a headache.

Plural: We have headaches.

9) Singular: The tree is tall and green.

Plural: The trees are tall and green.

10) Singular: The mouse is hiding in the corner.

Plural: The mice are hiding in the corner.

11) Singular: She is wearing a beautiful dress.

Plural: They are wearing beautiful dresses.

12) Singular: The fish is swimming in the pond.

Plural: The fish are swimming in the pond.

13) Singular: The baby is sleeping peacefully.

Plural: The babies are sleeping peacefully.

14) Singular: The movie was amazing.

Plural: The movies were amazing.

15) Singular: The flower is blooming.

Plural: The flowers are blooming.